My name is Ida.

I'm 22 years old. Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. I never liked the cold that much, which is one of the many reasons why I left my heart in Sydney, Australia. To spice things up a little I'm currently based in Malmö in the very southern of Sweden. 

I'd like to call myself a self taught food stylist and recipe creator. 

Whenever I've got some time to spare I love getting creative in my kitchen. This is my way of art. All of my creations are vegan and made with wholesome and healthy ingredients. I'm my happiest when I get to make a beautiful mess with food.

I'm also an aspiring graphic designer + lettering artist. 

I've always loved creating pretty things. I'm very passionated about layouts, typography and logos - I tend to analyse finalised products around me anywhere I go. My motto is that I simply want to make this world a little bit more beautiful by creating beautiful design. 

Want to know something more about me?

I'm very passionate about eating out, exploring new cafes and visiting markets of all kind. When I'm not busy doing any of the things I've mentioned above you'll probably find me at the gym. I could possibly not live without getting to move my body every single day. 






When and how did you get into cooking. How about plant based foods?

I've always loved baking for as long as I can remember. I used to help my both of my grandmothers and my dad in the kitchen when I was younger.

I've also always loved to look through cooking magazines on the hunt for recipes and I've collected a big bunch of them over the years. 

I started eating less meat in my late teens when I became more health conscious, later I became vegetarian and now I've adapted a vegan lifestyle. Living a plant based lifestyle has made me more passionated about food and cooking than I ever was before. 

Name three must haves in your kitchen. 

I could name quite a few more, but the first three things that come in mind - oats, sweet potatoes and coconut milk. 

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Why? 

BREAKFAST. For me it's the most important meal of the day and I always put my heart and soul into making it. I wouldn't mind having breakfast foods for lunch and dinner as well. 

We all have a sweet tooth, don't we - what do you prefer to have when you need that sweet kick? 

I can't go a day without having a little bit of dark chocolate. Mint chocolate is my all time favourite.