10 Instagram Foodies You Should Be Following

I'm not ashamed to admit that 99% of my Instagram feed consists of food. 'How aren't you constantly hungry scrolling through all this food?' is a question my boyfriend keeps asking me. But you see, cooking and plant based food in general is such a huge passion of mine that I don't mind surrounding myself with it. I simply love it. It's doesn't make me walk around constantly hungry, instead it makes me happy and inspired. 

My own Instagram page is also a colourful mix of mostly food and I know I'm not the only one out there who shares this passion of sharing what's on our plates. There's a huge community of us out there. Big and small foodies. All of us as important. 

I want to keep spreading the inspiration that I get to take part of daily. That is why I've chosen ten gorgeous Instagram accounts that might not be as well known as the big food bloggers out there, but to me they are perfect. I can see how much heart and soul is poured into each posted photo. Give these wonderful ladies a follow an some love and in return you're days will be brightened up by their creations.


Tara is based in Helsinki and she is currently putting out some pretty epic things in the city's vegan food scene. She makes me want to chase my dreams as well.


Emma is another very talented foodie from Australia. I love her bright and clean food photos. 


At only 19 I can't believe the quality of content Nadja is putting out. Every single shot is absolutely picture perfect.



Ella is a dear friend of mine. She's currently exploring Australia and her pictures are like a fairytale. 


Erika is also a friend of mine. She lives in Stockholm and creates the most magical raw treats. I'm obsessed with her feed. 


I recently discovered Sarah's account and haven't been able to take my eyes of it since. How can one create such beautiful smoothie bowls? Teach me please!


If you're a fan of oatmeal, pancakes and peanut butter then Marissa's account is for you. I'm drooling over every single photo.


Maikki's feed is so comforting. I just want to snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of the whilst scrolling through her amazing creations. 


If I had to describe Aino's feed in one word it would be 'happy'. Anyone else feel the vibes?


Aishe's account must be the dreamiest one of all. Raw treats, smoothie bowls and flowers, what more could you want?


I hope this post was helpful in some way and that you found plenty of new foodies to follow. Not only are all of these ladies incredibly talented, they are also such a great example when it comes to showing that plant based or vegan food doesn't have to be boring - it's the opposite. Have you got any favourite food bloggers you think the rest of the world needs to know about? Please share.