A Little Something About Vienna


I recently spent two full days in Austria's capital Vienna. I've been there once before, but to be honest I don't remember much from that time as I only visited the city for a few hours with some friends. I'm happy I got the chance to go back to Vienna, because this time I got so much out of it and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful cities I've visited. Literally everything is beautiful in Vienna - the buildings, the streets, every single corner. I only saw five ugly buildings on this quick visit (yes, I counted) and I think that really tells how stunning Vienna is. 

I think Spring is the best time of the year to explore big European cities like Vienna. The nature is slowly coming back to life and trees are blossoming in every park. The temperature's are above 20 degrees celsius and it's not too hot. The tourist season hasn't started properly yet either, so you can wander around the streets without being stressed from the amount of people. 

My favourite way of exploring a new city is to look up a few cafes, restaurants and shops I'm interested in. Then I'll just head out for the day. I'll make sure to download Google Maps, so that I can pin point the places I want to visit or see there in case I get lost during my explorations. I enjoy not being connected to the internet. When travelling it's good to be offline. Live in the moment for once. I love wandering around all the small streets and admire every single detail of my surrounding.


I'll briefly look at the big monuments, but I won't cue for hours to get into a big church. I haven't seen all famous buildings from the inside in my own home town either. I'd much rather see Vienna, or any other city, from a local's perspective. This time I for example sat at a few cafes for a couple of hours at a time doing some uni work and just absorbed the vibes from locals working around me. I also sat down in one of the many parks and just sat and looked at the world passing by. It's crazy to think that all of these people passing by have their every day life in this city that is so foreign to me. 

One thing though, if you're like me and don't like taking public transport in a new city. Wear good shoes. My feet were dying by the end of my time in Vienna. Every step hurt, because I had walked so much. Why do I prefer walking? I think it's nice to actually see where I am going. 

To sum up my two days in Vienna. Wandering the streets, surrounded by beautiful details, spring weather and cherry blossoms. Not to mention lots of delicious vegan food. Unfortunately I was too excited to snap any photos of my meals. 

I'll finish this post with a small list of all my favourite spots in Vienna. Maybe I'll go  back one day and need some tips. Or perhaps you're planning on visiting this beautiful city? In any case a list is always good to have. 

Auf Wiedersehen. 



Ulrich serves up a big vegan breakfast if you want to soak in the sun. For somewhere more cozy and quiet Grains serves up delicious and different vegan breakfast. 


A good spot for coffee and work is Jonas Rindl or J. Horning Kaffeebar


For a healthy lunch head to Simply Raw Bakery. For the sweet tooth don't miss their cakes or banana split!  Just a quick takeaway lunch? the all vegetarian Ankar Bakery on Stephansplatz. They have for example vegan apple strudel and pretzel. 


One must have schnitzel when in Austria right? Vegiezz will serve you the vegan version. Swing Kitchen will have you covered with a vegan schnitzel burger. For dessert head to Veganista for delicious vegan ice cream. 


Vienna has a lot to offer when it comes to healthy food and natural skin care. Staudigl is heaven for any natural beauty freak and so is Saint Charles CosmothecaryDenn's Biomarkt is an organic supermarket with a lot of vegan snacks and foods.


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