Breakfast at Healthinki

I'm thinking about starting a little Helsinki series where I share my favourite spots in this city. Probably mostly my favourite cafes and eateries, but who knows I might add in other kind of places as well. Helsinki is truly blossoming at the moment and so many new cool places are popping up. This city is filled with hidden gems I want you all to know about.

First up we have Healthinki who recently opened their second cafe in Helsinki. I prefer the new one, as the old one is much smaller and darker. I'm all about that natural light. The new and bigger Healthinki opened in the spot where Tori (a very beloved restaurant and lunch spot) used to be. I think they have done the place justice and you can still find the old 'Tori-letters' in the toilet. 

IMG_1230 copy.jpg

The interior of the cafe is so beautiful. Very bright, minimalistic and every detail is well thought. I'd love to sit and work here every day as I feel I get very inspired being in such a clean and airy space. I also love how they've managed to squeeze in a little bit of a living room feeling to the cafe thanks to all the green plants and a couch group which seems to be the perfect spot to hang out with friends.

You shouldn't come here only because of the interior, because the food here is nice as well. Vegans won't go hungry. The breakfast deal is great you get avocado on toast with your choice of smoothie, hot drink and a shot to kick start your day. Everything is beautifully plated up as well and I know many of us eat with our eyes first. I also love that they use a lot of Nordic ingredients such as berries. It's not every day you get a delicious smoothie with lingonberries and other Nordic power berries. 

I also have to mention the cinnamon buns, which I unfortunately didn't capture in a photo. I was to excited and ate it too quick. The cinnamon buns are all vegan and they are gluten free and refined sugar free. I can tell you they are so damn delicious. If you don't have much time you should at least run in here and grab one of the buns to go. 

I can't wait to be back and try one of Helthinki's smoothie bowls next time. 


Punavuorenkatu 2 (new)

Tehtaankatu 13 (old)