Christmas Gift Guide

If you haven't had time to do your Christmas shopping yet I hope this next post will give you some needed inspiration. Gift giving can be hard sometimes, mostly because we overthink it. The important thing to keep in mind is that it's the thought that counts not how expensive or big the gift is. Also try stay away from things you know the receiver won't use, instead make the gift personal and show that you actually had that person in mind when you were choosing a gift for them. 

This is my simple, mostly vegan and eco friendly Christmas guide. Shall we take a closer look? 

  1. A good quality backpack is always a good gift. I personally adore the Swedish brand Fjällräven (translates to Arctic Fox) and their Kånken backpacks - give me the black one please. It's both fashionable, fits more things than you would think and it will last you a long time. My dad has one from his younger days and it's still looking fab. Also the brand has some really good values (read more on the website) and is supporting the almost extinct Arctic Fox.
  2. A gift that speaks for itself. I adore the vegan tops and t-shirts from In the Soulshine. Give the vegan in your life something cute to wear with an awesome message. 
  3. Make your own gift. I personally think that D.I.Y gifts are the best kind. It could be anything from homemade granola to a photo album. It's all up to your skills and who you are making it for. Pinterest is an awesome place for some D.I.Y inspiration. 
  4. A cookbook for the foodie. It should preferably a plantbased cookbook. One that I've had my eyes on recently is the N'ice Cream Book by the talented Tuulia Talvio (Vanelja) filled with delicious and kind ice cream recipes. She's also from Finland (yay for fellow Finns) - the country of Santa Claus. 
  5. Chocolate. Do I need to say anything else? You simply can't go wrong with (vegan) chocolate. Alter Eco has a range of delicious dark chocolates, just saying.
  6. Sometimes a gift can't be wrapped. Give your loved one a special experience - who doesn't want a memory for life? It could be anything from you offering to make them dinner to a hot air balloon ride. 
  7. The classic. Who hasn't got pyjamas for Christmas before. This year you could make it a little bit kinder to the earth and shop eco pj's for someone. The Aussie brand ALAS has a gorgeous range of sleepwear, as well as sports wear, both for men and women. The brand has awesome values and speak openly about them on their website. More brands like ALAS please!
  8. Something cute for the animal lover. Check out this elephant tea mug. I think it's the cutest mug out there. Any day would be a good one if you could start it with a tea from the elephant tea mug.
  9. A sustainable gift.  I recently stumbled across this the yoga mat brand Cork Leaf. They make an all natural cork yoga mat that's good for the planet and the user. It's just a beautiful story - go have a read on their website. Not only is the cause behind the mat epic, it also looks epic. Like who doesn't want to do yoga on a cool mat like this one? I reckon your yogi friend would be forever thankful if they got this for Christmas.

Merry almost Christmas lovelies. xx


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