Cruelty Free Summer Essentials

I thought I'd quickly mention that I will be taking it a little easier with the blog for the next month or so. I'll try to update once a week. Life has just suddenly gotten really busy and I also want to take the time to enjoy Summer.

Now to the real topic - Cruelty free Summer essentials. What would Summer be without some fun essentials? I'm sharing a few of my favourites ones that will help me get through this Summer. All of them are cruelty free and vegan, because that is to me the most important part. I want to spend my Summer knowing that I'm throwing kindness around me like confetti. 

Below are my six favourites. Let me talk you through them. 

Ajattelin aloittaa tämän postauksen mainitsemalla että tulen päivittämään blogia hieman vähemmän seuraavan kuukauden ajan. Kirjoittelen tänne ehkä kerran viikossa? Elämä on tällä hetkellä tosi kiireistä ja haluan myös nauttia hieman kesästä.

Nyt päivän aiheeseen. Haluan jakaa kuusi asiaa jotka ovat minulle tärkeitä nyt kesällä. Kaikki nämä asiat ovat vegaanisia ja luontoystävällisempiä valintoja. Jatka lukemista niin löydät toivottavasti jotain uutta piristämään ja helpottamaan sinunkin kesääsi!


Salt Water Spray


First up salt water spary. It's a must for those who want to look like beach babes without going to the beach. I recently got my hands on this spray from Unique Haircare and it's truly doing some wonders to my hair. You can apply it to both wet and dry hair in order to get some lovely beachy waves. 



The only drink I crave (besides water and oat milk lattes) is kombucha. My all time favourite is the raspberry one by Captain Kombucha. This is what you'll find me sipping on this Summer.

Natural Sun Screen


I'm yet to find the perfect natural sun screen, but I want to mention this here anyway. I highly recommend switching to a natural sun screen that is kind to you, the animals and our oceans. I've been using both Lavera's and Eco By Sonya's sun screens but both leave you very white after applying them. Any recommendations for better natural sun screens?



I'm all about discovering new snacks to keep that hanger away. I recently found this bag of whole freeze dried raspberries and I just knew I had to buy a bag. These raspberries are sweet like candy and such a fun thing to bring along to a picnic or day on the beach for example.



I don't like using a lot of makeup, but a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks in the Summer is great. My all time favourite comes from the Australian brand Natio in the shade sunkissed.

Flow Rosehip Oil


I recently discover the Finnish natural beauty brand Flow Cosmetics and I'm in love. This Rosehip skin treatment oil is great for sunburn, pimples and dry skin. It's simply a Summer essential I didn't know I need until I found it.


What are your Summer essentials? Please share. x

Mitä et voi elää ilman kesällä? x