How to Build the Perfect Lunch on the Go

As a University student I try to liva a wallet friendly lifestyle and that means I bring homemade lunches with me most days. Today I wanted to talk to you about how to build a lunch box that is fun and how to easily prep meals.

I'm bringing you this post together with Biome Store. This one is for you my dear Aussie friends! I've told you about them before in a few posts that I've written. Go and read about How To Live A More Waste Free Life or about My Favourite Australian Natural & Vegan Beauty Products. If you're only hearing about Biome Store for the first time today I'll give you a short introduction: Biome Store is Brisbane based eco shop that has some great options when it comes to living a more conscious and vegan lifestyle. If you're not based in Brisbane, check out their epic web store filled with great products. 


Biome was kind enough to send me this beautiful LunchBots bento box and a classic 950 ml mason jar. Both are so useful when it comes to making lunches on the go. Check out their wide range of products that will make lunches fun and easy to bring along. 


I won't be sharing any exact recipes in this post, but more give you an idea of how to build a nourishing lunch to have on the go. It's important to think that the lunch will give you the right kind of energy and that it will keep you going for a good while after midday. Of course it's also a great idea to bring a snack or two with you.  

We can start by looking at this bento box that I've created. I usually like to have some sort of starchy vegetable in my lunch box and in this case sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates that will keep your energy levels high for a long time. Another source of carbohydrates in this meal was a pearl couscous with pomegranate seeds. For some healthy fats protein and I've added a big scoop of beetroot and chickpea hummus. I also like to fit in a whole heap of greens so this time I added silverbeet and mixed green leaves. Something I like to eat every now and then is freshly baked sourdough and this day it fitted in my lunch box perfectly.

All of these components are made out of very affordable and wholesome ingredients. I prefer to keep things quite simple and then add flavour to my dishes with a whole heap of spices and sauces. For example the pearl couscous was spiced up with a whole lot of cumin and the silverbeet was cooked in tamari sauce. 


Moving on to the mason jar - this is what I call eating the rainbow at it's best. We're all used to the classic lunch box, but I think a layered salad in a jar can easily take your lunch to the next level. Don't be scared of getting creative in the kitchen. 

This time I've used the same sweet potato and beetroot hummus as well as some mixed green leaves. The bottom layer is turmeric roasted cauliflower and corn that I made the night before. I've also added in a layer of tamari marinated silken tofu, edamame beans and half an avocado. This is another example of a  lunch with a good amount of fueling carbohydrates as well as some healthy fats and protein to keep me satisfied for long. 

A few tips that I'd like to share when it comes to creating the perfect lunches on the go:

  1. To keep the cost low on your weekly lunches try and buy seasonal and in bulk. I guarantee you will see the bill drop. 

  2. if you don't have a lot of time simply make a little bit more for dinner the night before. This way you have lunch ready to grab and go for the following day.

  3. Learn to cook and prep food in bulk. For example I like to make a big batch of hummus and cook a whole heap of sweet potato that I can simply add to my lunches. I usually prep food for three days ahead, this way I know it won't go off. 

  4. Learn to plan ahead. this can be a little bit tricky in the beginning, but Try for example to make dishes through out the week that use the same ingredients. this Makes food shopping a lot easier too.

  5. Finally, create a routine in prepping lunches that works for you. Once you get a hang of this routine prepping lunch will become easy as!

I just want to note that I'm in no means a guru when it comes to nutrition, but I've done my own research and I feel like I'm thriving on a high carb plant based diet. I eat a lot and I make sure my lunches are big enough. I've created this post to be something that you can use as an inspiration to make more to go lunches at home and skip those takeaway meals. In the long run this will be better for both your health and the planet. It's all up to you what kind of lunches you want to make, but hopefully this post was helpful in some way. 

What is your favourite lunch to bring to school or work?