Kinder Summer Sun Skin Care


It's Summer (well not here in Australia) and that means the skin is put under a lot of pressure because of the sun. Today I'm sharing a few tips on some kinder sun care products. Beauty should be as natural as possible as well as vegan and cruelty free.  


Protecting the skin from the sun is very important. Is something I think most people can get better at. When picking out a sun screen look for one with as many natural ingredients as possible as sun screens can be very toxic. Most health stores will have a few options. It's also good to look out for a label stating that the sun screen is ocean and reef friendly as normal sun screen tends to harm water life. This year I picked up a 50 + sprayable sunscreen by the French brand Bioregena. It's one of the best and fastest absorbing natural sun screens I tried so far, as natural sunscreens often tend to be very white on the skin.


The queen of after sun products is the aloe vera plant. It's so very hydrating and nourishing. Just simply buy a aloe vera plant, but make sure it's fine to use for skin care. Cut off one of the plants leaf and split it in half to get your hands on the beautiful juicy gel hiding inside of the plant. Apply onto sun kissed skin straight from the leaf. You don't need much so store left overs in the fridge for later use. 


A good way of highlighting your tan and basically the only make up one might need during Summer is a good bronzer.  Add some to your cheek bones, tip of the nose and forehead for a beautiful glow. In this case as well opt for the natural, vegan and cruelty free version. Brands like Pacifica Beauty, Lavera, Inika and Zuii are amazing just to name a few of my favourites. 


So many of us forget to protect ur lips from the sun, including me. This is a note to you and myself to invest in a lip balm with SPF. I'm a big fan of the HURRAW! brand and I know they also make a lip balm with SPF.


One doesn't have to lay out in the sun all day to get that Summer glow. There are some natural tanning products out on the market that will help you get that glow safer and faster. One very loved brand is ECO by Sonya. They have everything you need for a home tanning session. Another tip is carrot seed oil which will help your skin produce a natural tan as well as protects the skin from the sun (but not as well as sun screen). 


Even though this post is about skin care I do want to mention sun glasses. The eyes need some protection too! In this case I recommend to look into buying sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the UV. Most high street brands don't make sunglasses with this protection which kind of means you're only wearing the sunglasses to look good and not hide from the sun. There are many good brands out there and even better if they are sustainable. I'm currently dreaming of a pair from the brand Sticks & Sparrow.