My Auckland Gems

I've now spent one week in Auckland. I've been here before a couple of times and I remember liking this city a lot back then. Now that I've seen more of the local gems thanks to my friend Alisa (@leallie) I've fallen even more in love with this city. It's so urban and hipster, but at the same time very green and relaxing. You can only truly understand what I mean if you come and see this place yourself. It's a great place to start your New Zealand trip - it's so different from everything else in this country. I mean almost 2 million of the 5 million kiwis live up here? How crazy is that.

Anyways. during my week here I was on a mission to find the best vegan gems. Auckland really did surprise me in a very good way. It truly is a great place to come as a vegan. The cafes I'm going to share with you below are almost a good reason themselves to come down to Auckland. Who cares it's on the other side of the world (for most of you)? I've you're in Australia you really don't have a excuse not to come here.

Here we go guys - my Auckland gems both big and small.

Greenleaf organics

Don't be scared of leaving the centre of Auckland. The best places are in the cool suburbs. Catch the train from Britomart to Kingsland - just do it! Here you'll find Greanleaf Organics. It's a lovely space with the most delicious raw cakes on this planet (my local friends approve) and the menu is filled with vegan goodness. I went for the rainbow bowl and it was to die for. Some sort of raw falafels, sauerkraut, beetroot hummus to mention the highlights. So do yourself a favour and come here. 


326 New North Rd


Mondays Wholefoods

Whilst your in Kingsland make sure you visit Mondays Wholefoods. I can't get enough of the beauty of this place. It's a plant lovers paradise. I was going to go for the beetroot and cacao waffles (yes they are vegan) but sadly they were sold out. So I grabbed a banana chocolate fudge smoothie instead. This might sound like the most unhealthy option on the menu, but it's only filled with plantbased goodness (cacao, banana, cacao nibs, dates, maca, housmade nut milk, vanilla bean and sea salt). One of the best and smoothies ever and bonus points for the thickness of it. 


503 B New North Rd


Wise Circada

Now let me tell you about a wholefoodies heaven - Wise Circada. Located in the busy Newmarket this place has a huge health food shop and a cute little vegan cafe attached to it. I could have stayed in the shop for hours and just admired all the products. They have everything you could ever want. Then I went over to the cafe side. Sadly I arrived too late for breakfast - the menu looked epic. Iordered a super smoothie and enjoyed it on the veranda whilst reading my book. 


88 Brodway




Dear Jervois

I can't recommend enough walking down to Herne Bay. It's one of my favourite areas in Auckland for sure. You'll also find the beautiful cafe Dear Jervois (Swedish owners apparently - yay for that). I really wish I would have take photos of the interior of this place. I'm not over exaggerating when I say it could be one of the most beautiful cafe spaces I've ever visited. Even the bathroom is to die for. So besides its good looks Dear Jervois has a delicious menu. I was choosing between the acai bowl and the vegan macro bowl - the macro bowl won. What a treat it was. A party in my mouth is the only way to describe this dish. 


234 Jervois Rd


Little Bird Organics

Not to far from Herne Bay you'll find the gorgeous area of Ponsonby. Another of my favourtie parts of Auckland. You've probably already heard about the next place I'm going to tell you about next, Little Bird Organics. It's the mother of all plantbased wholefood cafes here in Auckland. I've had their cookbook (The Unbakery) for a while now so for me it was a little bit of a fan girl moment to finally visit. Keep an eye out for the little bird house and you'll find this hidden spot easily. Again the space is absolutely beautiful - the wooden details are absolutely stunning. I ordered the acai bowl (delicious) and my friend ordered the special of the day which was a delicious looking zucchini pasta dish.


Little Bird Organics can also be found in Britomart in the heart of Auckland - close to the train station and ferry wharf. If you only need a quick pick me up or a takeaway meal this is your place to go. 


1 Summer St

14 Customs St


The Raw Kitchen

A little cute hidden spot in the city is The Raw Kitchen. Please make your way here. The space is so nice. Urban meets green with pastel details. You'll find Auckland's cutest raw cakes here, but also check out the savoury options and smoothies (I still need to try these). I chose the raw caramel slice and was happily surprised as it was truly delicious! Also Olivia, the owner, is the sweetest person. If you're lucky you'll be served by her in person. 


90 Wellesey St



If you decide to head down to the Northern Beaches make sure you stop by Mimosa in Takapuna. It's a hidden gem that you wouldn't expect to find here. The coziest little plantbased cafe. The food looks absolutely delicious - I'm still dreaming of their matcha pancakes. I went in the end for a raw vegan doughnut with a side of kombucha, because I wasn't hungry enough for a big meal. The doughnut was to die for, so cute and perfectly satisfying. 


460 Lake Rd





Organic/Health Shops? 

I can recommend Huckleberry and Commonsense Organics enough. These are literally heaven to me and if you're a foodie or natural health junkie like me you'll know what I'm talking about. Huckleberry has got various locations around town and Commonsense Organics is located in Mt Eden. 


The cutest little beaches can be found in Herne Bay. Look out for Herne Bay Beach. Or head to Waihike Island for the day, the beaches here are amazing. 


For a city get away head to Cornwall park and walk up to One Tree Hill - you'll get up close with sheep and cows and get a beautiful view of the city. Auckland Domain also has some great walks to offer, also make sure you pop into the Winter Gardens. Last but not least walk up to Mount Eden and watch the sunrise. 


I would recommend avoiding Queen St and go shopping in Ponsonby or K Road instead. The shops are cooler and you'll be as hipster as the locals. 

Anything else?

If you're here during Summer make sure you make it to the free outdoor cinema down by the water in Silo Park. It's magical, but make sure you bring a blanket because it gets chilly in the night. 

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