My Favourite Cookbooks

Christmas is just around the corner and most of us are probably on the hunt for presents for our loved ones. That is why I thought I'd share my favourite plant based cookbooks with you. I really think a cookbook can be the perfect gift for anyone - the ones I'm about to tell you more about would be great for a vegan friend or anyone in your life who's a foodie. 

The books I'm sharing are the only three cookbooks I own, but I love them to bits. I think it's better to grow your cookbook collection slowly to ensure you love every single book you own, rather than just stock up one books you don't feel inspired by at all and they will just end up collecting dust on your book shelf.

Being inspired by your cookbook really is a big deal. It will more likely help you get creative in the kitchen if you feel inspired by it the minute you flip through its pages. 

As a graphic design junkie the look of the book plays a very big role for me. It simply has to be beautiful. I pay big attention to the typography, the layout and the photographs used. All of these books below have nailed the aesthetic bit.

Basically you just know when it's meant to be between you and the cookbook. I really hope you can find one for yourself or maybe for that special someone. Now let me show you my babies.

Here they are my beautiful babies. Would you like to take a closer look?

Eat Smart by Niomi Smart

First up - Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. Niomi has for a very long time been one of my favourite Youtubers. She's so genuine and sweet. Another thing that I love about her is that she is making veganism mainstream as she is one of the few big Youtubers who's actually fully plantbased. She shows us all how she eats in her 'What I eat in a day' videos and also shares recipes through her videos.

In September this year she finally published her first cookbook of many. I was so excited so I had to preorder a signed copy six months earlier. I just knew it was going to be good, because I had loved everything Niomi had done so far.

I wasn't let down. The cover is stunning and so is Niomi. How cute is the rose gold spoon detail?

The book is filled with delicious recipes - everything from breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and sweets. I also like how Niomi very simply explains her way to a vegan diet in the beginning and her favourite ingredients are all listed with a short explanation. My favourite part is definitely the breakfast chapter, the dessert chapter isn't far after.

The layout is so satisfying, as well as the food styling and photography. It all feels very homemade, but at the same time very professional with thought put into every single detail. 

This one is for the hearty home made food lover. Niomi has really made a good job when it comes to making plant based versions on some of the most loved classic dishes. 

Green Sweets & Treats by Erika Billysdotter

The next book is Green Sweets & Treats by Erika Billysdotter. This one is in Swedish, even though it has an English title. If you don't master the language of Swedish the book itself is still beautiful to look at. The food styling and photography in this book is very beautifully done.

Christmas idea - maybe buy it for your friend who loves languages or Scandinavian design? Sounds like the perfect gift to me.

This book is all about raw foods. Utan gluten eller vitt socker - means without gluten or refined sugar.

I was lucky enough to meet Erika last August in Stockholm when we had fika at one of the raw vegan cafes in town. She's truly a beautiful soul and after meeting her in person I felt like I really wanted this book in my life. Giver Erika a follow on Instagram at @frontraw.

I love the fact that Erika lists a whole bunch of superfoods and what they are good for in the beginning of the book. I personally learnt a lot of new things from this about ingredients I already use in my own kitchen. 

So what kind of recipes can you expect from this book? Nourishing breakfast (smoothies, lattes and other goodies), all kinds of raw cakes and sweets (like literally all kinds), a few snacks as well to keep you going. I think the best part is easily all of Erika's cakes. They are so dreamy and I really want to make them all - the only problem is I don't have all the time I need to make it happen.

The Unbakery by Megan May

All though I'm not much of a raw vegan funnily two out of my three cookbooks are actually about raw food. The third book I'll be sharing with you is The Unbakery by Megan May. What makes this book special to me is that the author is from New Zealand. You probably didn't know that I lived in this magical country for ten moths when I was 17-18. Megan May owns a couple of raw food places in Auckland and I can't wait to visit when I make my way over to New Zealand again next year. 

Where should I start? The cover in itself is already so pretty. I love the green with the fun illustrations. So simple, yet it works so well. When you take a look inside Megan will take you through the principles of raw cooking as well as her personal food story and her cafe/restaurant. The recipes will cover everything from breakfast (so much yum), to a whole lot of drinks, to savoury dishes (lunch - salads - dinner) to raw cakes. It's the whole raw foodie packet in one.

I can not pick a favourite photo from this book. I simply love them all as they look so vibrant and delicious. I could stare at all the different raw treats for hours in end. It's quite amazing how food can be so healthy and beautiful and at the same time taste so good.

This would most definitely be the perfect gift for someone who is thinking about starting to eat more healthy and green in 2017.

I hope you might have find at least one cookbook to add to your collection.

Kisses xx,