My Hair Care Routine


Hair care is today's topic. I don't do much with my hair other than wash it on a regular basis. When I do use hair care products I make sure they are as kind as possible to my hair. I tend to use natural, organic and vegan products all the way. In this post I'll be sharing a few of my favourite products along side with a few tips. 


First up we have shampoo. I try and was my hair two times a week. I refuse to use any other shampoo than the one called normal from Eco Store. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who brings it over to me all the way from Australia. This brand call also be found in New Zealand where it's originally from. What can I say. It's just the perfect shampoo for my hair. It washes my hair well without any nasty chemicals. I also love that the packaging is made out of sugar cane. 

I said that the shampoo from Eco Store is the only shampoo, well I lied. I recently decided to give Maria Nila and her silver shampoo and conditioner a go from the Silver Sheer series. So far I'm happy with the silver shampoo. It smells nice and paired with the conditioner it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I can also see my highlights slowly getting less yellow. A good tip for when trying a product for a first time is to get the travel sized packaging, because then you don't invest in something you might not like. This is what I did with the Maria Nila products. You can also reuse the small bottles later for other things when travelling.


Then two other products that I use for my hair. First up I can't live without salt water spray. It's the perfect hair styling tool! I use it as hair spray to make my hair set when it's too wild. It's also great after showers when I want to create a more relaxed beach hair look. This one from Noosa Basics. The best part about it is that it smells like coconuts. Who doesn't want hair that smells like coconuts? 

Another product I like to treat my hair with is coconut oil. I basically give my hair a treatment by making a coconut oil mask. How? Well, I massage coconut oil all over my hair in the evening. Then I sleep with it (adding a towel onto my pillow) and wash it out in the morning. This oily treatment leaves my hair super soft and shiny. I always get compliments on my hair after I've done this coconut oil treatment.


This last part is nothing I do regularly, more like once or twice a year. When it comes to cutting or colouring my hair I prefer to go to a hair salon that uses organic and natural products. Most cities will have at least one if you do a little research. In Malm√∂ I can highly recommend Bruns. Another tip! Organic hair saloons can be a little bit on the pricier side. Look for a salon that takes trainees and you'll get a reduced price. I always go for this option. 

Other tips for keeping your hair healthy? Don't wash your hair too often, don't use harsh chemicals on it and don't use hair dryers or other warm tools on it every day. Rock your hair in its natural state as often as you can. The natural you is ALWAYS the most beautiful one. 


Now that I've shared my favourite products and secrets I'd love to hear yours.