My New Home

It has now been three weeks since I moved to a totally new city and a totally new country. I packed my suitcase(s) and posted a couple of boxes filled with some of my dearest things to my new home address abroad. Then I hopped on a plane to Copenhagen. Now you might think that I moved to Copenhagen, but that's not the case. I still continued my journey from Copenhagen. I caught a train over to Malmö - a cozy city in the very southern of Sweden.

I had no idea what was waiting for me. I had only heard about Malmö on the news and sadly the news in the media were never that great, but I didn't want this to effect my opinion or thoughts about my new home town. I wanted to give this city a chance and see with my own eyes what it truly had to offer.

Things I've learnt so far is that Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, which makes it a pretty good size. Not too small, but not too big either. You can bike everywhere. And by everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. The bike is your best friend here. People in Skåne are lovely and very welcoming and have no trouble understanding my way of speaking Swedish. I also understand them quite well, the accent isn't as bad as I was told. What else? This city has many lush parks and beautiful old buildings. I never imagined that Malmö would look like this. It was a wonderful surprise to discover how much beauty this city holds. I still take my time to just bike around and admire all the little details of my new hometown.

Most days I bike home with a smile on my face thinking about how much I like it here. 

But, why Malmö? I got accepted into the University here to do a degree in Graphic Design and I simply couldn't say no to this offer. I'm now working towards a dream that I've had for a very long time. Although my heart is on the other side of the world I'm telling myself three years isn't forever. I think this city and my dream degree are well worth the next three years of my life. 


Just to introduce you a little better to Malmö I thought I'd share three cafes that have completely solen my heart. To my surprise Malmö turned out to be a very vegan friendly city. I feel like the vegan scene here is really blossoming and I'm excited to see where exactly it's going. 


Atrium KaffeBar

This place will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first cafe I visited here in Malmö. I immediately fell in love with Atrium Kaffebar. How could one not like the interior, the delicious coffee with oat milk and the chill vibes? I love coming here just to do my creative thing or to have a cozy hang out session with my friends. The menu has also some great vegan options. Try the banana bread or the avocado toast!


Skvadronsgatan 13


Raw Food House

Raw Food House is an all vegan cafe nearby Triangeln. You can grab a delicious raw lunch, like this raw falafel wrap above, fresh juices and delicious raw cakes. In my opinion this place is perfect for a healthy afternoon fika with friends. The cafe also hosts interesting workshops and I can't wait to join them for one about raw cakes and treats later this month. 


Friisgatan 8


Kafe Agnez

I believe Kafe Agnez has the cosiest backyard in all of Malmö and it's crazy close to the centre of Old Town. You can sit out here and enjoy the hearty food from the all vegan and organic lunch or brunch buffé. You definitely get value for your money here as the food isn't too pricey. I'd also recommend the delicious vegan cake section - perfect when you're after an afternoon pick me up. I'll be hanging out here a lot in the near future. 


Agnesgatan 11


To sum it up: to me Malmö is happiness, adventure and opportunities. To me Malmö is home.