Plastic Free July

This post should have been up on 1st of July, but I suppose 3rd of July isn't too bad. What makes July such a special month is the plastic free challenge. I will be joining in and doing my best when it comes to reducing single use plastic in my everyday life.


What can you do to go

plastic free this month?


Bring your own reusable bag to the store

Drink coffee in or bring a keep cup

Say no to plastic straws

Buy dry food like oats, rice and nuts in bulk

Avoid veggies and fruit wrapped in plastic

Get a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush


These ones should be quite easy to follow. But going completely plastic free isn't easy. Plastic just seems to slip into our life's without any warning. That is why I've decided to keep a list about single use plastic that I happen to use through out the month of July. This way I will get an overview and I can better plan how to avoid plastic in the future and I highly recommend you do this as well. 


This month I'm teaming up with Biome - Australia's only 100 % palm oil free and cruelty free store who promotes a more conscious and waste free lifestyle. Thanks to Biome I can share a few zero waste themed blog posts through out the month. We're also hosting a giveaway together over on my Instagram. If you're living in Australia you could win a plastic free starter kit! 


Click here to go to the giveaway


Good luck!