Raw Vegan Brownies

On rainy afternoons I often feel like baking. As I don't currently own an oven I'm not sure if you could call this afternoon activity baking exactly? Maybe a better way of putting it is getting messy in my kitchen creating raw sweet treats. I think not having an oven is a really great challenge (one has to think positive). I'm definitely going to take this as an opportunity to get better at making raw cakes and more.

One of these rainy afternoons I really felt like brownies so that's what I made. These brownies that I'm going to be sharing with you today are super easy to make and they will turn out super gooey. Gooey brownies are the best kind of brownies am I right?

Gooey chocolaty browny bace with a raw chocolate ganache. How does that sound to you? I highly suggest you try them out now, so scroll down to the recipe.  


Raw vegan brownies


brownie base

2 cups dates

1 cup cashews (or any other nut)

2 tsp coconut sugar

2 tbsp cacao (more if you like darker chocolate)

1 tbsp hemp seeds

pinch of vanilla

dash of water

chocolate ganache

0.5 cup coconut oil

0.5 cup cacao 

pinch of vanilla

1 tbsp maple syrup

  1. Add the brownie base ingredients into a high speed blender (I use this one) or a food processor. 

  2. Start by adding a little bit of water and blend.

  3. If the brownie mixture doesn't feel gooey enough add a little bit more.

  4. Blend or process until everything has blended into a thick brownie mixture.

  5. Put baking paper into a square cake thin. 

  6. Press the brownie base mixture into the cake thin and place in fridge to wait.

  7. Now onto making the chocolate ganache. 

  8. Add all the ingredients into a small sauce pan over medium heat.

  9. Slowly stir the ganache until the coconut has fully melted.

  10. Then pour the ganache over the brownie base and set in the freezer to set.

  11. Once the ganache has become hard the brownies are ready to be served!

  12. Carefully lift the brownie out by pulling out the baking paper from the cake thin and cut into squares of preferable size.


Remember to top your brownie with delicious sprinkles. I topped mine with freeze dried raspberries which are one of my all time favourite toppings. I also recommend to enjoy this brownies together with a warm berry sauce - so delicious!