Three Podcasts I Love

I used to be one of those who never listened to podcasts. I didn't understand the hype about listening to other people talk about random things. It wasn't until maybe about a month ago when I gave in to listening to my first ever podcast episode. It only took that one episode until I was hooked. Now all I do is listen to podcasts whenever I get a chance. 

Lesson learnt from this? That I should try more new things. Now I wish I would have given podcasts a try earlier. Well, better late than never.

I've found three podcasts that I've completely fallen in love with. I feel like the women talking have become my friends and I miss hearing their voices. I love that they bring up topics that are so dear to my heart and I can so easily relate to. That's why I wanted to make this post so you can also take part of these wonderful ladies wisdoms.

I could probably add that I use the app Overcast for listening to podcasts. It's a great app that keeps good track of all of your favourite podcasts. My boyfriend was the one who recommended this app to me, so he should get the credits for this. 





The first podcast I started to listen to was 'Wardrobe Crisis' by Clare Press. Clare is Marie Claire Australia’s fashion editor-at-large and a big advocate for slow fashion. She has a strong background in fashion and in this podcast she digs deep into the problems that fashion is facing today.

It's such an inspiring one and I've learnt so many things. Thanks to this podcast I've become a more conscious shopper and I'm working towards a more ethical fashion mind set. There's a lot of variety in the episodes, but I've picked out my top three episodes that will give you a great taste of what Wardrobe Crisis is about.

My favourite episodes: 

Plastic Sucks - Laura Wells

Design Can Save Us - Timo Rissanen

Beyond Rana Plaza - Kalpona Akter



Your Creative


Another Aussie podcast. The podcast 'Your Creative Start' by Jaharn Giles is one for the creatives out there. Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Jaharn runs her own travel blog Mr as well as a creative brand consultancy which is also called Your Creative Start. 

On the podcast Jahran shares her best tips or setting goals and starting your own creative business as well as interviews other inspiring women who are running their own creative business. I'm so inspired to make my dreams come true as I'm listening to these ladies talk. 

If you want to give this podcast I'd highly recommend these three episodes:

Episode #3 : Why Individuality Is Your Best Asset With Jasmin Dowling

Episode #5 : Why You Don't Need to Live in a City to to Be Successful with Cass Deller

Episode #7 : Launching a Beauty Brand with Jasmine Garnsworthy from The Buff



Earth To Us

This beautiful podcast called 'Earth to Us' by Evan Oliver and Hannah McNeely is one that will make you think. The girls talk everything from veganism, to stereotypes to zero waste. Somehow they always nail every topic and they also bring so many inspiring people on to the podcast. I also love the way the girls are talking in such a casual way, it almost feels like you're joining them for a cosy girl's night.

There's a whole lot of episodes out by now and I've listened to most of them. It's really hard to pick out a few favourites, but I've tried my best to narrow it down to three. I think these episodes will give you an excellent idea of what this podcast is about. Here we go:

Episode 026 - Using Social Media to Take Action with Ellen Fisher

Episode 028 - Conscious Entrepreneurs : Gunnar Lovealce

Episode 025 - Trash Talk : Moving Towards Zero Waste


I hope you'll give at least listen to one of these three podcasts. I recommend them all and I wish you'll like them as much as I do, but I know we all have our specific interests and taste when it comes to these things. 

What's your favourite podcast(s)?