Vegan Eats in Copenhagen

Denmark is known as a country that loves meat. Well this wasn't luckily very obvious in Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark might not be as vegan friendly as Helsinki or Stockholm, but once you've done your research you'll be fine. I thought I'd help you a little with this by sharing my five favourite spots in Copenhagen. All of these have amazing plant based food. There's no need to walk (or bike) around this city hungry. 


I'll start this post with my absolute favourite spot. Soul is a beautiful cafe founded by two Australians and one of Denmark's best vegan chefs. You can feel the Australian cafe vibes here from the interior to the food. It felt like I was back in Sydney for a short moment.

Soul offers a fully vegan menu. You can eat everything from breakfast to dinner here. I went here for breakfast and the food did not disappoint. The pancakes are so fluffy and the not so sweet chocolate sauce balances out the sweet fruits. My friend ordered the acai bowl and I had a spoon full and al I can say is that this is what acai bowl should taste like - just like one you'd get in Australia. The coffee is also spot on. 

I also had a quick look at the lunch and dinner menu. The food sounds divine and I can't wait to be back here to try out some more delicious food next time I'm in Copenhagen.


Melchiors Plads 3


Kafe KaF

Looking for a place where you can simply chill whilst enjoying a coffee and a slice of cake? In that case Kaf is your place. Kafe Kaf is a vegetarian and vegan cafe and they serve food and drinks, but I'd go here for the cakes. The cakes in the cabinet are next level and all vegan (at least during my visit to the cafe). Me and my friend had such a hard time choosing which cakes to get. I ended up getting the strawberry cream cake and my friend a raspberry cheesecake - both so delicious! Go get your cake fix.


Birkegade 21



42 Raw is every health foodies dream. They serve amazing and wholesome fully plant based food here. I went here on my first morning in Copenhagen and was totally blown away by the minimalistic place. The menu is packed with goodness and I had a hard time deciding. I ended up getting both the acai bowl and the pancakes with a beetroot latte on the side. This breakfast was a 9/10 and such a great start to my weekend away.


Pilestræde 32


Hope Bar

Hope Bar isn't fully plant based but they still have a whole lot for us vegans on the menu. The cafe is really cozy and perfect both for breakfast and lunch. I chose the vegan brunch plate to get something with both sweet and savoury - the sweet potato fries were bomb! There's also a lovely outdoor seating area outside of the cafe, this is where I found myself people watching the cool Danes who were passing by.


Larsbjørnsstræde 7


Nice Cream

I think I already said I had a favourite place in Copenhagen? Well, Nice Cream is definitely my second favourite! Nice cream is a fully vegan ice cream shop. They make epic acai bowls and serve delicious hand made organic plant based ice cream.

If you're here for an ice cream treat I highly recommend getting the ice cream sandwhich. It's probably one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted - your choice of ice cream (mine was mint chocolate) squeezed in between to crunchy chock chip cookies. Do I need to say more?

Note you can only get acai bowls at the Enghave location.


Elmegade 30

Enghave Plads 10