Vegan Jazz Brunch

One Saturday morning in September me and three of my friends had booked a table at Mineral Malmö for a vegan jazz brunch. What's that all about you may now be wondering? Follow along and see for yourself!


The morning started by us sitting down at our table and admiring the beautiful space and the handsome jazz band that was warming up. Mineral is a wine bar and restaurant located in Sankt Knuts, Malmö. The space is absolutely beautiful and the food served here is all vegan, so Mineral is definitely a must visit for all veggos out there. 


The brunch menu looked amazing and we were drooling. I got the one for 140 kr, which seemed like a very good price for everything that we got.


The crew at Mineral were super busy, but did such a great job! I was also drooling over these beautiful cakes that unfortunately weren't included in the brunch price. Not that I could have fit them in my tummy after all the food we were served anyway... something to try out next time!


We were enjoying the jazz music, chatting and sipping on coffees with oat milk. Then the food was finally served! This plate was filled with delicious things. I think the potato salad, tofu scramble and vegan sausage were my favourites. I can't say that us vegans miss out when it comes to food. I think we're more like winning when it comes to food. The food is better for you and no one has to suffer, what a win win. 


I was obviously excited to dig in. 


Can you hear the music? I still can. 


The brunch was finished with banana pancakes. I'm telling you these were next level banana pancakes. The perfect way to end a perfect brunch.  Just to clarify Mineral doesn't do these jazz brunches weekly. This was just a fun event they had put together, but hopefully there will be more brunches like this one in the future. 


Visit Mineral Malmö: 

Sank Knuts Väg 13