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Vegan Shoes


The word vegan is thrown around quite a lot these days. Vegan this and vegan that. Most people thing veganism is some sort of a diet, but in reality it isn't just that. One could argue that people who eat a vegan diet, but still buys other products that contain animal products, aren't really vegan. The right term would be plant based. 

For me, and many other vegans, being vegan means that all parts of my life are free from animal products. Including house cleaning products, beauty products as well as the clothes I buy. Those are areas that one can quite easily switch to vegan after a little bit of extra time and research. As I said most things have been easy to change, but the exception has been finding nice vegan shoes. 

There's a common myth that good shoes have to be made out of leather. I've also been told that leather is the only sustainable option. That might have been the case back in the days, but as the vegan market is growing some great options have come available. Today I wanted to share two pairs of vegan shoes that I have found after a lot of searching. Hopefully you'll like them and maybe get a little help on your journey in finding vegan essentials for your wardrobe. 


Vegan Boots

I needed a new pair of Winter boots as my old pair was getting old and dusty. My last pair of black boots were made out of leather. Because they were made out of leather I wanted to pay those boots all of my respect and wear them as long as I possible could.

As I've now found a new pair I will donate my leather boots to a charity shop. Another good way of getting rid of leather goods is to sell them and then donate the money to some animal rights fund. 

It wasn't easy finding good quality vegan boots. The ones that I found were either not my style or made out of poor non breathable materials. Both common obstacles on the hunt for fashionable vegan shoes.

Then somehow I stumbled across the UK brand Bourgeois Boheme. This brand make high quality vegan shoes that are made out of some amazing sustainable materials and hand made in Portugal.

I fell for the Alanis boots, but I highly recommend checking out their other styles too. The Alanis boots are very comfortable and I feel like they work with every outfit I've worn so far this Winter. 


Before going on a hunt for vegan boots I was on a look for vegan sneakers. One would thing that vegan sneakers are easy to find. Well, it isn't actually quite as easy as one might think. For example many sneakers have glue which contains animal products. Not to mention some sneaky leather details or insole. 

I have been a true Converse fan for many years. Sadly the brand states that none of their products can be seen as vegan friendly due to the glue.

I was determined to find a kinder pair of sneakers. Once I had been looking for a while I found an Italian shoe brand called Superga. Not all of their shoes are vegan either, but they have stated clearly on their website which ones are. "Our latex glue is classified as Vegan. This means some of our shoes, such as the Cotu Classic styles, are vegan." 

I went for the Cotu Classic in black and I couldn't be happier. I think I prefer my Supergas over my old Converses which is a big statement. The shoe is made out of breathable cotton and a detail I especially like is the vulcanised rubber sole.


Vegan Sneakers


+ Feel free to share any of your favourite vegan shoe brands. Remember, sharing is caring! 

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