Vegan Treats from Copenhagen

Some people spend their money on new clothes, I spend most of my money on food. 

One of my favourite things to do when I travel to a new country is to head to local health and organic food shops and see what they have to offer. I could spend hours browsing through all of the new and exciting products.

When I visited Copenhagen last week I visited a couple of shops and tried to grab as many vegan snacks and treats that I could find. Some of the brands were familiar to me from before, but the products or flavours were completely new to me. I think I also managed to get my hands on one Danish treat.

Joku käyttää rahansa uusiin vaatteisiin, minä taas käytän rahani ruokaan.

Yksi suosikki puuhailuistani matkustaessa uuteen paikkaan on käydä paikallisissa terveys ja luomu kaupoissa ja tsekata niiden valikoima. Voisin helposti viettää näissä kaupoissa tuntikausia ja tutkia kaikkia uusia ja jänniä tuotteita.

Kun olin käymässä Köpiksessä viime viikonloppuna pääsin myös käymään parissa terevyskaupassa ja yritin napata sieltä mukaani kaikkea kivaa. Jotkut brändit olivat jo entuudestaan tuttuja, mutta halusin kokeilla heidän minulle uusia tuotteita ja makuja. Mikä parasta - löysin myös yhden ihan tanskalaisen tuotteen.

This is my little haul of vegan goodies and I'll now take you through the products. Some of them I loved some of them not so much. 

Tässä ne sitten ovat. Alla löytyy pienet kommentit jokaiselle tuotteelle.  Joitain rakastin ja joitain taas en. 

Chocolate Golden Berries (Planet Organic)

These were just too good. I've already fallen in love with the combination of inca berries and chocolate but this brand takes them to the next level. I'd be addicted to these if I could buy them in Finland.

Almond Butter & Coconut Protein Bar (Planet Organic)

I was really looking forward to this bar, but it was a little bit of a disappointment to be honest. It only tasted like protein powder to me. 

Vanoffee Raw Cacao Bar (The Raw Chocolate Co.)

This chocolate was the dream. So incredibly creamy! I would buy this regularly if they sold it in a shop near me.

Coffee Ka-Pow Raw Chocolate (Loving Earth)

Loving Earth is one of my favourtie chocolate brands, but this bar of chocolate was a disappointment. The taste wasn't quite right with the coffee at least not for my liking. I couldn't finish it and that rarely happens with me and chocolate.

Coconut & Barley Grass Bar (Planet Organic)

An amazing and very different raw bar! I think this is such a clever and tasty way of getting in a bit of extra greens in your diet. 

Apricot Raw Bar (Raw Bite)

I've been loving Raw Bite bars for a while, so when I saw this cute little yellow one I simply had to grab it. It's slightly smaller than the normal ones, but as delicious. 

Pineapple & Orange Cashew Oat Cookie (Kookie Kat)

I thought I had eaten my way through all of the Kookie Kat cookies but then I saw this one. My new favourite out of all the cookies.

Leon & Green Tea Raw Chocolate (Ombar)

This was something different, but in a good way! I would describe it as a very fresh and Summery chocolate.

Banoffee Bang Bang Raw Chocolate (Loving Earth)

Yet another one from my favourite brand Loving Earth. This one was a nice surprise! Super smooth, a little bit of a banana flavour and a nice crunch from the buckwheat. 

Coffee Raw Bar (Ganefryd) 

This was the only Danish snack that I got my hands on. Fun fact apparently Granefryd means something like happy mouth? My mouth was definitely happy after the first bite. I think I need to get my hands on more bars like these. Coffee goes so well with cacao and dates. 

I thought I'd finish off by mentioning that I found these things at Helsam and and Helsemin. Two great shops every health foodie should visit whilst in Copenhagen. 

Ajattelin vielä mainita että ostin nämä tuotteet Helsam ja Helsemin nimisistä liikkeistä. Kaksi ihanaa kauppaa joissa todellakin kannattaa käydä jos on vierailulla Kööpenhaminassa.