What's in My Bag?

I bet every single blogger has done a 'What's in My Bag?' post at some stage. I thought it was time to give this concept a little bit of an update, more of a sustainable and kind version. These are some things I carry with me (not all on a daily basis) that I think are very helpful in one way or another. Shall we have a closer look?

Joka ikinen bloggaaja on varmasti tehnyt tällaisen 'Mitä laukustani löytyy?' postauksen jossain vaiheessa. Mielestäni oli aika vähän päivittää tätä konseptia ja tehdä siitä hieman ympäristöystävällisempi ja kiltimpi versio. Itse kannan näitä tavaroita mukanani (en ehkä ihan kaikkia päivittäin) ja ne ovat kaikki jollakin tavalla todella tarpeellisia. Katsotaanko mitä sieltä laukusta oikein löytyy?

I thought it was okay to leave my wallet, phone and keys out of this photo, because they are so obvious. Instead I'd like to share these eight objects with you. 

Ajattelin että jätän lompakon, kännykän ja avaimet pois tästä kuvasta kun ne ovat aika itsestäänselviä. Niiden sijaan tahdon jakaa seuraavat kahdeksan esinettä. 

  • I like to carry a glass straw with me and reduce some plastic waste. I got to one above from Bali and I absolutely love it. It also has a beautiful mantra on it - 'Miracles & magic surround me everywhere I go'. This straw is saving the planet and keeping me happy wherever I go.
  • A small bottle of roll on perfume. This one is all natural and cruelty free by the brand Acorelle. It smells of comforting vanilla which is my absolute favourite smell in this world. It's just a nice little thing to carry around and put on during the day if I feel a bit rusty and dusty. 
  • Snacks. I always try to carry some sort of snack with me. My boyfriend can confirm that I easily get hangry when I'm hungry, so this is an essential for me. I love raw bars, home made bliss balls or just simple Inca Berries. 
  • A reusable shopping bag, because this world doesn't need any more plastic bags. I ALWAYS try to bring my own shopping bag made out of canvas. I also love this net shopping bag as it doesn't take up much space, it looks fashionable and it's perfect for carrying fruits and veggies. 
  • I bring my light blue water bottle from Life Factory pretty much everywhere I go. Like the world doesn't need any more plastic bags it doesn't need any more plastic bottles either. Drinking out of a reusable glass bottle is also so much better for your health. 
  • Lip balm is another essential. I've been using Hurraw's lip balms for years now and wouldn't change them for anything. This one is the cherry one and it gives my lips a lovely red tint. It also works on my cheeks if they need some blush.
  • My keep cup is always with me when I'm planning on getting a takeaway coffee. If it's not with me I'd rather sit down and enjoy the coffee out of a coffee cup instead. I think coffee cups made out of paper are such a waste and that we all should do our best to cut down the usage of them. Also did you know a lot of cafes give you a discount if you bring your own cup!?
  • A note pad. This one says 'Okay let's make this happen' which I think is such a great sentence, because I mostly write things down in my note pad because I want to make them happen in one way or another. Yes, I know there's a note app on my phone as well and I do use it, but for me there's just something about actually writing down my ideas on paper. I think they feel more real and alive to me this way. 

What's in your bag? 

Laukustani löytyy siis lasinen pilli, kauppakassi, lasinen juomapullo ja kahvimuki jotka auttavat säästämään luontoa kun ei tarvitse käyttää kertakäyttö kamaa. Kannan myös mukanani luonnonkosmetiikkaa (huulirasva ja hajuvesi), välipalaa nälän hätään ja vihkoa ideoita varten. 

Mitä sinun laukusta löytyy?