How Veganism Changed My Life

I feel like it's been long enough now since I decided to go vegan. I made this life changing decision in November 2015. Before that I had been vegetarian for almost two years, but still eating fish occasionally and still very addicted to cheese (I had cut out most other dairy products). I felt like it was the right time to do some drastic changes in my lifestyle as I just had spent three months working on a farm. I just couldn't do it anymore. I needed to stop lying to myself. I now wanted to make the transition to a vegan diet for the animals, but also for my own health. It just felt like the right thing to do. 

It was like a burden was lifted off my shoulders when I made it official. This was what I had wanted to do for so long, but I had been so scared of other peoples opinions. Veganism is still quite a sensitive topic in the society we live in, although it's becoming more and more mainstream which is awesome. 

As time went by I educated myself more and more about veganism. I become more passionate about it. It all made sense to me - this was the way I wanted to live. I wanted to save innocent animals (I can't stand the thought of someone loosing their life just because I need dinner) and I want to nourish my body for long term health. I also watched documentaries like 'Cowspiracy' and this opened up my eyes to the huge environmental issues with animal agriculture. This made my belief in veganism even stronger - this is the only sustainable diet for future generations and if I can I will make sure these beliefs are passed on to my kids and grandkids.

I believe that was enough of an introduction. What I really wanted to share in this post is how veganism has changed my life. There are definitely changes that I can see after a little more than a year as a full vegan. Below I've listed five major changes in my life.

Stronger hair and nails

This is one thing that I have noticed big improvements in during the past year. My hair is growing faster than it ever has. I always felt like I had to cut my hair short after a while because it simply felt dead. I can't believe it's still in such good condition since I last cut my hair more than one year ago. I also believe changing to natural shampoo (the only product I use on mu hair) has had a very positive impact on my hair's health. Not only has my hair improved, but also my nails. I used to have very weak nails that would never last if I grew them long. Believe it or not my nails are now stronger than ever and they grow super fast. It's amazing to finally be able to have beautiful long nails. 

Improved Metabolism

Eating plantbased has definitely improved my gut health - my metabolism is finally working. I used to have some IBS like symptoms in the past, but I don't feel any of them anymore. I feel good after eating my meals and even if I sometimes feel too full it doesn't last too long. I remember how sick and clogged I could feel back in the day after eating a meal with animal products in it. I don't get any of this anymore. If you wanted to know - yes it's true vegans go to the toilet a lot.

Healthy relationship to food

I have never enjoyed eating as much as I am right now. I've had some serious issues with my relationship to food before - counting calories, starving myself and restricting only to look skinny. Not a good way to go if you want to loose weight and be healthy. I've finally let go of the guilt. No more restricting or calorie counting. I couldn't even think of a life were eating wasn't aloud. I love eating this way too much. Most days I eat wholefoods and I know they are only doing good things to my body. Other days I might have pizza, fires or vegan ice cream. This is also ok I've told myself. Life is about balance. We need to be able to enjoy treats every now and then - as long as they're vegan. 

Changed tastebuds

It's weird to think that I actually used to enjoy the taste of milk and fish. After not having these foods after a while your change buds will change and adapt. I've accidentally had a sip of milk a few times when the barista has accidentally misheard my soy latte for a regular latte. Even the smallest sip of milk makes me want to vomit - it is disgusting. I haven't had fish since I've goon vegan, but even the smell of dead sea creatures is off putting to me. I don't crave the taste of cheese anymore either, which I thought would be the hardest part. Instead I crave the taste of whole plantbased foods and sometimes chocolate. Another interesting thing (nothing to do with veganism) is that I don't need salt in my cooking anymore after not using very much of it, it's amazing to think that I can taste the real flavours of what I am eating without any help from salt.


I've seen a big improvement in my over all happiness. Yes I still cry and get overwhelmed by sadness sometimes like we all do, I just find eating this way has helped me become happier. I don't worry about food, I've met amazing people (thank you Instagram) and I feel good about myself. All of these little things together make me a happier person than I was before going vegan. 

No matter what your life story is I would like to encourage you with this post to try out a vegan diet. You have nothing to loose (except of all the animal products) and I can guarantee that if you stick with it you will start feeling good from the inside out. If your excuse is that vegan food is boring I can tell you that you are wrong. Most things can be veganized and they usually taste even better than the 'original' version. Find some inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.