Atrium: Dreamiest Fika in Town


I wanted to dedicate this post to Atrium. A forever favourite and the first cafe I ever visited in Malmö. One year ago in August I had just moved to Malmö and was looking for a cafe near by to visit. Luckily I had Atrium written down on my phone from some earlier cafe research and it didn’t seem to far away to bike to. That’s basically how it all started. Funnily enough I was served by Sophie who turned out to be a classmate and now a very dear friend.

Atrium is the dreamiest fika place in town. I usually come here to do some work in the afternoon, but I also love sitting down here with some friends. No need to say the coffee is delicious. There’s also a good variety of vegan options. For fika you can pick between banana bread, raw balls or a snickers slice. I also love the avocado toast, just ask them to make it vegan.

It doesn’t matter if it rains or shines when you’re in Malmö, because Atrium is always a good idea.

Location: Skvadronsgatan 13

Instagram: @atriumkaffebar

Ida GinmanComment