Biome Skincare Review


I'm bringing you this post together with Biome. Australia's only 100 % palm oil free and cruelty free store who promotes a more conscious and waste free lifestyle. 


I was kindly sent a package filled with beautiful products from Biome including Biome's very own skin care range. Biome has created four different skin care packs for different skin types - normal, mature, sensitive and dry. I trialed the package for sensitive skin as well as a sensitive skin scrub. I've written a full review about my experience further down in this post.

What's so special about this skin care range? Well, let me tell you. I haven't seen anything like this done before and I think Biome is really onto something. Biome has designed a skin care line that allows you to easily combine products which gives them more than just one single purpose. Basically everything in this skin care line has more than one purpose and you can easily get creative by blending the products together. It's amazing how much one natural ingredients can do alone as well as when combined with other natural ingredients. 

Oh, and did I mention that the products packed in waste-free glass? Go Biome!


The first product I'll mention from the sensitive skin care pack is cold pressed jojoba oil. This oil has quickly become my new favourite beauty oil, beating my old favourites coconut and argan oil. According to Biome jojoba oil can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser, carrier oil, hair conditioner and bath oil to mention a few. I've mostly been using my jojoba oil as a moisturiser on my skin after the shower, especially legs, feet and dry elbows. Most oils tend to leave my skin oily for a long time, but jojoba oil gets quickly absorbed. I've also used jojoba oil as a overnight hair mask - add the oil into dry hair and leave it overnight before washing it off with shampoo. 

I also want to than you Biome for being so transparent about their products. This jojoba oil was for example grown in Bangalow, Australia. This information can easily be found in the product description. 


Great for:

skin healing

balancing sebum production

acne recovery

softening  skin


Areas of use:






The second pure product that comes with the sensitive skin care pack is orange hydrosol, which was a completely new product for me. According to Biome the orange hydrosol is created in the process when pure orange essential oil is extracted out of orange blossoms. This hydrosol comes in a glass spray bottle and the product itself is the softest soothing mist. Personally I've enjoyed it as an uplifting mist after my showers. First I add jojoba oil to my skin and then I finish off with a few sprays of orange hydrosol. I also learned that this hydrosol can be used as a facial cleanser and I've enjoyed having it a part of my skin routine. I will be using it on sun burn once the sun comes out here in Australia. 


Great for:

calming & soothing


balancing sebum production

acne & exema recovery 



Areas of use:






The last product in the sensitive skin care pack is pink clay and rosehip called three in one skin trio. This is basically a mix of different types of clays together with rosehip powder and a few essential oils. You can use this product as a mask, cleanse or exfoliate.  I've tried the cleanse which means mixing the powder with soap for a deep clean. My by far favourite way of using this skin trio has been the mask (add the clay powder to jojoba oil). This mask gives my skin a deep, but sensitive, clean leaves my skin soft. Be aware of pink sink afterwards though as the clay leaves some colour, you'll need a good clean to get it off. I can highly recommend it for ladies during that time of the month for some extra skin pamper. I've added the 'recipes' by Biome below. 



1 tb powder + 2 tsp jojoba seed oil. Apply, leave for 10, rinse. Weekly.



1 tb powder + 2 tsp unscented liquid castile soap. Wash, rinse.  Daily.   



1 tb powder + 2 tsp orange hydrosol. Gently scrub, rinse.  As needed.

After your chosen task, spritz with orange hydrosol to lock in moisture, tone and hydrate.


Not officially a part of the sensitive skin care range, but still very much worth mentioning is the rose remedy scrub & soak. Made out of epsom and Tasmanian sea salts, oatmeal, rice powder, rose petals and rose geranium, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils. Sadly I don't have a bath as I think it would be amazing floating around with salts and rose pedals. Luckily this concoction can also used as a body scrub which I'm all about. I find this especially good for areas on the body (not face) where I tend to get break outs. 


Great for:


soothing sore muscles

removes dead skin

rich in magnesium & minerals



smoothing & brightening


Areas of use:



All in all I love what this skin care line is all about. All natural and with a minimum impact on the environment. If you want to get your hands on some kinder beauty products this is a good start. Everything is easy to use and the 'recipes' and areas of use are written on the products. A huge plus for the beautiful packaging as well, they are a great addition to my bathroom shelf. Thank you Biome for making a change for the better.

You can find all of these and more in Biome's stores in Brisbane or online.

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