Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Suddenly it's no longer 2017. It's time to welcome 2018.


I think it's always good to start the new year with some goals and to say them out loud to the universe. I also believe it's good to look back at the highlights of the year that has been. That's exactly what I'll be doing in this blogpost.

I started my year in Sydney. I had a beautiful New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and some friends. I don't think there's a better place than Sydney to welcome the New Year. As my visa was expiring on the first of January I had to jump on a flight to New Zealand that same day. I thought I was coming back a few months later, but little did I know that this year wasn't going to turn out quite the way I planned. It has been a very tough year at times, but I've chosen to see the good in things and those are the things I want to take with me to the new year.

What are the good things that happened in 2017? Here are twenty highlights in the order that they happened:


1. I got a new bestie on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Alisa, another fellow runaway Finn, was kind to host a stranger in her home in Auckland. I spent the first week of my year in her home and we realised quite quickly that we're soul sisters.


2. I made it to Cathedral Cove in Coromandel. This is a place in New Zealand I've been wanting to visit for a very long time. It really felt like I've achieved something as I made it there.


3. I got to spend some real quality time with my beloved host family and my dearest kiwi friends Montana and Ria during my first month in New Zealand. I'm so thankful to have met them all during my exchange student year five years ago. Worlds apart, but always in my heart.


4. I travelled around New Zealand with my boyfriend and his mum. The highlight of this trip must have been a cruise through Milford Sounds and a helicopter ride to a glacier. 


5. I visited Bali for the first time. I got to explore it with my boyfriend and my Sydney besties Hanna and Mel. I also spent about three weeks in Bali by myself and it was such a growing period for me in many ways.


6. I started doing yoga for real this year. This is all thanks to Bali where I challenged myself to do yoga every day and I ended up loving it!


7. I visited Singapore for the first time as well. I'm proud of myself for not being scared to explore this big busy city (or should I say country) all by myself and I didn't get lost. 


8. I finally got to see my family and friends again once I retured to Finland. I think it was about time after my 2 years in Sydney. 


9. I got a job at my all time favourite eco store in Finland called Ruohonjuuri. I hade the best work mates one could ever wish for and I got to learn so many new things. I truly had fun every single day at work and this made me realise how important it's to work with something you're truly passionated about. 


10. I got to help out at a cookbook photo shoot with two well known Finnish food bloggers. It confirmed my passion to food styling and made my dream of one day releasing my very own cookbook stronger. 


11. I made it to Copenhagen for the first time (little did I know I was going to move right over the bridge to Malmö later in the year) and had the loveliest time with my lovely friend Andrea. I couldn't stop telling her how lucky she is to live in the cutest city!


12. I got to enjoy a Nordic Summer, even though the Summer wasn't the warmest it had its moments. I think the best part were the bright nights and the blueberries growing in the forest that I missed when I was living in Sydney.


13. I organised a pop up breakfast with my talented foodie friend Tara. It was all rainbows and vegan dreams and I'm so proud of us for doing it all ourselves! Girl power on so many levels! 


14. I became the owner of a high speed blender. Finally! 


15. Me and my boyfriend visited Italy. We both fell in love with the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and ate endless amounts of pasta. I also discovered my new favourite vegetable, the eggplant. Sadly I can't make it as delicious as the Italians. 


16. My beautiful friend Julia and I organised a yoga and breakfast event in Helsinki. We we're on such a high the whole morning. Can't wait to do it with her again! 


17. I found out that I hade been accepted to the University of Malmö to study graphic design. So suddenly I was moving to Sweden and a whole new city! This ended up being so great, as I found the perfect little home and met some of the best people. I'm so happy to finally be working towards something I've been dreaming about for so long.


18. I found a new passion - ethical and conscious fashion. This made me rediscover the fun of shopping second hand and it also helped me to look at my consumer habits in a whole new way. 

18 copy.jpg

19. I got to spend Christmas together with my boyfriend and my family in Finland. It was his first non-Aussie Christmas and I was happy to guide him through it all.

16 copy.jpg

20. My mum gifted me and my boyfriend a trip to Lapland for Christmas. I've never been so far up north in Finland and it ended up being such a beautiful snowy adventure. 

Now that I've summed up the good things about the past year, what do I want to achieve in 2018? Here's five goals for the new year that I'll be working hard towards: 


What are your favourite moments of 2017 and what are your new goals for 2018? I'd love to hear.