Ladies Only: Period Talk


Ladies, let’s talk periods. It’s something we all go through, most of us every month.

Period cramps are sooo uncomfortable and painful and in the long run it’s not that great rely on down pain killers. My lates love is a wheat warmer (mine is by Terrible Twins) that I heat in the microwave and the put on my belly. The relief is instant and it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve stumbled upon. I’d totally recommend investing in one. I know some of you probably have period cramps that are a lot worse than mine, but for me a wheat warmer has been very helpful!

Then we come to the sustainable talk, because our periods are not the most earth friendly time of the month. I’ve finally found my period cup match. I’ve tried two different ones before this one, so don’t give up if it hasen’t worked out for you quite yet. The one that works for me is from OrganiCup. It’s so soft and easy to use in every way.

Periods can get messy and let’a face it - we’ve all stained a few things here and there. My solution is reusable pads! I got mine from ImseVimse . When I pair the pads with my period cup my only statement is: no mess, no worries.

Okay, let’s talk hygiene. I’m pretty sure most of us have felt a little uncomfortable down there. Itchy or smelly to name a few symptoms. It’s so important to make sure you take care of miffy’s hygiene and health during our periods (and any other times at that matter). I’ve recently found a life saver when it comes to this! A cleansing and intimate oil from Lip Intimate Care has been a game changer for me - “suits everyone who wants a healthier alternative to soap and wants to keep things balanced down there.”. Side note: This miracle product can also be used as a shaving oil, which means less waste is created when you buy a product with many uses in one.

And remember: