My Pantry Staples

I thought it would be fun to start a new little series here on the blog were I share some of my pantry staples. Today I'm just showing you some basics that I use weekly if not daily -I'll focus on grains, useful staples and powders. I think these are some good things to have on hand in your kitchen if you want to create delicious and wholesome plant based food. 

Let me know what other kind of pantry/kitchen products you'd like me to share with you. It could be anything from beans and lentils to what kind of veggies I eat.

Okay, shall we have a closer look at some of my favourites? 


Buckwheat groats 

These are such useful little grain-like seeds. I always soak them overnight before using them in raw porridges and then give them a good rinse. They are also perfect for homemade granolas.


What would life be without oats? Everyone needs them in their pantry I reckon. Porridge is a nutritious life saver on busy mornings. 


This protein reach grain is such a gem. I like to use it instead of rice (I do love rice too) in savoury meals and sushi. Leftover quinoa also makes an epic porridge the following morning if you cook it in a plantbased milk with spices.

Chia seeds 

I've been loving chia seeds for a while now and make sure I always have some in stock. Perfect for puddings or just as a topping on smoothie bowls. 

Useful staples

cacao nibs

Whenever I crave a chocolaty cacao nibs come to the rescue. They are one of my all time favourite breakfast and dessert toppings.

raw cacao

I always make sure I have some raw cacao handy. It's great in baking, porridges, smoothies and it also makes and epic hot chocolate with a little bit of coconut sugar.

shredded coconut

Just like cacao nibs shredded coconut is one of my all time favourite toppings. I put it on most sweet things.

coconut sugar

This is the only sugar I use (besides maple syrup and natural sugars in food). If you haven't tried coconut sugar yet, get on it and skip the crappy white refined sugars.

nutritional yeast

Vegan parmesan! This stuff is amazing and I sprinkle it on top of many of my dinners. It also gives me that well needed vitamin B12.


green powder

Green powders are such a great way to get in some extra green in your life. You can for example add it to smoothies. Mine is a mixture of nettle, spirulina, chlorella, weatgrass, barley grass, alfa alfa, moringa, kale and ginkgo bilboa. Believe it or not it actually tastes good as well. 

berry powder

Freeze dried berry powders are my latest obsession. My favourites are blueberry and lingonberry. They are such a great natural food colouring. 

maca powder

One of the only super foods I use regularly is maca. It's great for balancing hormones so women get on it. I love the taste as well so I don't mind adding it to my smoothies. 

vanilla powder

I think vanilla just makes everything taste a little bit better. It's not the cheapest ingredient if you buy quality, but oh so worth it.

beetroot powder

Another freeze dried powder. This beetroot powder adds an amazing dark pink colour to my food. Pro tip, add it to hummus for the coolest dip in town.