Secondhand Gems


Let me share a few of my favourite things that I've picked up in secondhand stores over the past few months. 


I picked up this beautiful light blue linnen shirt the other week. It's a timeless piece and will last me a long time. My tip is to look for good quality materials when you buy secondhand clothes. Usually a linnen shirt can easily cost over a 100 euros, but this one cost me only 90 kr, which is about 9 euros. 


Basket bags are a big thing right now. Instead of opting for the high street one everyone has look for a unique one at the secondhand store instead. I found this beauty hanging around looking for a new home and it only cost me 30 kr - 3 euros! 


As I said earlier opt for good materials. This jacket stood out for me as it's made out of 100% cotton. It's also a timeless piece and thanks to the white colour it will go with everything I own. I think I paid around 12 euros for it, which is still a bargain! 


Amsterdam is the place to go if you're looking for a pair of converse. Most second hand stores have a huge selection of them. I found this beautiful beige pair that happened to be my size for only 20 euros. The best part? They are as good as new. 


Dots have been a big trend this spring, but I feel like they never really go out. I couldn't say no to this navy blue dotted shirt as it was only around 3 euros. It truly makes a fun everyday piece. My tip here is to opt for patterns and colours you feel you won't get bored of. 


Last but not least my new blue sailor cap. This piece makes any outfit stand out. I paid 15 euros for this one in Amsterdam, but I think it was worth it because of the little gold details. 




What has been your favourite secondhand gem?