A Little Review On Bare Origin

Not so long ago I was contacted by a lovely skin care brand called Bare Origin if I would like to try out some of their products.  I had no idea what I was going to receive, but I was happily surprised with a bottle of wild rosehip oil and a bottle of rose argan oil. I was also given a small sample of their pure hemp soap bar.

Bare Origin is a Stockholm based natural skin care company that uses raw and transparently sourced ingredients in all of their products. I love this whole concept as I'm all about using natural products on my skin. I also want to add that I  immediately fell in love with how beautifully all of Bare Origin's products were packaged. Simple dark glass bottles with minimalistic labels, all in the most gorgeous colours. This is #packaginggoals on a whole new level.


This little bottle of wild rosehip oil has been an absolute life changer. I've been getting lots of dry areas  on my skin due to cold Winter weather. I was also sick for a little bit after Christmas. That lead to the skin outside my nostrils getting very dry from blowing my nose all the time. By simply adding a tiny bit of rosehip oil onto the dry skin areas in the evenings my skin has quickly gotten back to its old self. 

Another thing this wild rosehip oil has really worked wonders for is break outs. I don't tend to get many breakouts, but all the chocolate I had at Christmas has given me a few extra spots to deal with. I have no idea how this oil does it, but after adding some of it onto my spots they tend to heal in only a few days. 

I should probably add that rosehip oil is packed with vitamin A. This makes rosehip oil amazing for healing skin from damage such as cuts and scars. Rosehip oil has also been proven to fight acne. 


Dry skin in is one of the problems you face when you live in a cold climate. That is why this beautiful bottle of rose argan oil has become another favourite skin care product of mine this Winter. I use it all over the face and neck to prevent my skin from drying out.

Argan oil is packed with vitamin E, antioxidants and essential omega fatty acids. All of these are great for the skin. I'd highly recommend you to read more about argan oil, because this oil truly has so many benefits to it. Rose oil on the other hand is full of  antioxidants that will leave your skin very soft and happy.

I've really enjoyed using Bare Origin's rose infused argan oil because it doesn't feel to oily after applying it onto my skin. Instead it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. I add rose argan oil to my face most evenings. I especially love using it after I've given my face a sugar scrub in the shower.


What I found fascinating about both the oils above is that both can be added onto your face, body and hair. There's no need to buy separate products for different body parts. I think this tells something about the quality and purity of Bare Origin's products. 


Last but not least we have the pure hemp soap bar. Just reading the ingredient list makes me excited about this tiny bar of soap. The soap bar is only made out of things that are good for the skin. You can use Bare Origin's soap for the whole body, but I've only been washing my face with it.

I must say that this hemp soap bar feels so much gentler than any other soap I've ever used. Instead of leaving the skin dry, my face feels soft and very fresh. I think the secret ingredient for the extra freshness is the peppermint essential oil. 


A big thank you to Bare Origin for letting me try some of their beautiful products. Next up I'll grab a bottle of their golden chocolate oil and the linden flower toner.

Check out Bare Origin for yourself here

Flower illustration made by me.