Breakfast Pop Up: Messy + KALE

I can't believe it's been two months since me and my dear Instagram friend Anni Kravi (@anniskk) served up a vegan pop up breakfast in the heart of Helsinki. I feel so lucky looking back at the whole experience now. Anni is such a talent when it comes to creating in the kitchen and I feel like I did get to learn a lot from her. Not to mention how inspiring she is - following your passion is definitely something I took away from all of this. 

Where should begin. Well, we were lucky to team up with The Cock for a beautiful space where the event was going to be held. Lots of natural light and a beautiful interior at the first level of The Cock was going to work out perfectly for us. 


Then there was the food. We wanted to combine Nordic and Australian flavours. Finnish berries and Australian kakadu plum, as well as the Aussie favourite avocado on toast with a twist and a new friend. I've also been sipping on quite a few colourful lattes during my time in Sydney (golden, matcha, beet, you name it) so we thought this would be a fun thing to bring to the breakfast. 

This is what we ended up with and I couldn't be happier with the final menu. My personal favourite is the raw berry porridge. Anni is a genius I swear. But of course I'm very proud of every single item on the menu. A huge thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who helped us bring this menu alive - Foodin, Matcha Maiden, Powau, Four Sigmatic, Kakadu Plum Co, Extraordinary Foods + also a big thank you to The Australian Superfood Co and Bananinha. 

After hours of planning and prepping the morning of the event had finally arrived. I whipped up rainbow lattes as fast as I could meanwhile Anni served up porridge bowls and toast. I loved how relaxed all of our lovely guests were and I was really taken by all the kind words. Thank you for everyone who joined us on this beautiful morning. 

This was my first ever pop up food event, but I surely hope it won't be my last one. Now on to the next one.