Five Easy Zero Waste Switches in the Bathroom


I'm bringing you this post together with Biome who has gifted the products used in this post. Biome is Australia’s only 100 % palm oil free and cruelty free store who promotes a more conscious and waste free lifestyle. 


Zero waste seems to be a growing thing and more people are waking up to realising how bad single use plastics are and how they are ruining our planet. I also think that the Plastic Free July initiative has helped spread the message. Today I'll be sharing five easy zero waste switches you can do in your bathroom. I think everyone is capable of doing these changes as they aren't too crazy. Zero waste isn't for tree hugging hippies any more, zero waste is for everyone. 


Have you ever thought about how many cotton pads and wipes you go through? You use them once and then they end up in a landfill somewhere. That's pretty wasteful in the long run. A good option for this is reusable face wipes and scrubs that you can easily wash with your laundry. I picked up a hemp face scrubby that is perfect for removing make up as well as exfoliating your face. Two things in one! Another good thing to have on hand is reusable cotton face wipes. Again perfect for removing makeup or when you just want to give your face a good and gentle clean. These ones are made for babies, but that doesn't mean you can't use them yourself. 


Another easy switch is to never again buy a plastic toothbrush. Only in Australia 30 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every single year. This needs to stop. Join the green revolution and get a biodegradable toothbrush instead. Bamboo toothbrushes are a great option. I picked up one normal bamboo toothbrush as well as one with charcoal bristles as charcoal is said to be for dental health.


Note: I've learned that the bristles on most biodegradable toothbrushes are made out of plastic, so make sure to cut them off before you compost the handle. All in all this is still a more environmental friendly choice. 


Let's talk soap bars and shampoo bars for a moment. They are a very good planet friendly alternative when it comes to reducing plastic packaging. I've picked out three different bars that I will be telling you about below.

Soap bar - the classic bar of soap that will replace your liquid soap that comes in a plastic bottle. I absolutely loved  the pure coconut soap bar. What makes me love this bar of soap a little more is that it was sent to me completely without any packaging and that it's almost pure coconut (only three ingredients). If you suffer from very sensitive skin I think a soap bar similar to this one is going to be your new best friend - just keep an eye out for one with a short ingredient list. 

Cleanse bar - a bar with a little bit of texture to help cleanse your skin. I've really enjoyed scrubbing and cleaning my body with the a cleanse bar from Cedar + Stone. It's handmade and completely free from parabens, chemicals and other nasties.

Shampoo bar - most people know they can buy bar soap, but what about shampoo that comes in the shape of a bar? Well, that is also a thing. Me and my boyfriend have been using one by Urthly Organics that is said to be working for all hair types. I did find that my hair didn't stay clean for as long as it usually does after a clean, but after doing a bit of research around shampoo bars I found out that most hair types need to adjust to more natural shampoos. This does makes sense as there aren't many harsh chemicals in the shampoo bar we've been using - check out the ingredient list: coconut oil, macadamia oil, almond oil, jojoba, walnut oil with Victorian artisan salt and orange and eucalyptus essential oils. 


Something I've been wanting to try for a very long time is a safety razor. It might look a little scary at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really not that hard! I recommend you watch a few Youtube tutorials to start with. I quickly got a hang of how to use it and I'm super impressed with the shave on my legs and under my arms.* I also love how pretty my rose gold open comb razor looks on the bath room shelf, because who doesn't love a bit of rose gold?

So why switch to a safety razor? Well, have you ever thought about how much plastic is wasted when we throw away our old razors? It adds up to quite a bit. Like toothbrushes we need to switch to a more sustainable solution when it comes to razors. You can use a safety razor for a veeery long time as long as you take good care of it which will reduce waste massively. The only thing that needs changing is the razor blade which is fully recyclable. 



*Just because I choose to shave doesn't mean that you have to. It's your body and your choice. If you decide not to  shave, then you're a legend because you're saving the planet too!


This one is especially for the ladies. We go through so many pads and tampons during our lifetime and sadly they just end up in the landfill. This is where a menstrual cup comes in handy. It both reduces waste and saves you money as you don't have to buy stuff every month. I've now been using the JuJu Menstrual Cup and I think it's a game changer. This model is very soft and easy to use. I can barely feel it during my period! If it doesn't feel right when you first try a menstrual cup don't give up! It does take time to learn how to use it properly and you'll probably need a few pads to be on the safe side to begin with. That's why I'll be investing in a few reusable cloth pads


Thank you for being a part of the change. Every little thing matters.