Guest Post: Got Any Change, Love?


Let’s take a moment to talk about change. Change is scary. Like, really, really scary. How many times have you wanted to try out something new, but been too scared to pull through? New job, new hobbies, new hairstyle, new relationship, new apartment. With different thoughts flying through your head, you wonder what is going to happen. What if it turns out to be the wrong decision? What if I lose it all? Heck, na, I can’t do it.

Old is safe. Comfort is safe. Safe is safe. You keep doing the same thing you did yesterday, and the day before. That’s what you know the best, you’re used to it, it’s easy. You can do it with your eyes closed, brain asleep. New beginnings are always intimidating; they are messy, you need to adopt a whole new kind of a mindset and you need to put in the effort. If you are naturally a very anxious person, you would most likely sell your soul rather than change your old habits and routines. But that’s the issue.

With the year changing to a new one, everyone and their cats have made resolutions for the upcoming year. While this is an excellent exercise for your brain and consciousness to open up, the first new moon of the year is on the 17th of January. The new moon is a symbol and the right time for changes in your life. This means, you’ll have two weeks to try out your new bullshit habits that will bring your more unhappiness and anxiety until it’s time to bring out the big guns and change for good, as the moon disappears from your eyes for the night. It’s not like you would pay attention to the shining big boy anyway, so what have you got to lose?

I find that the right things come to you when you most need it, but also when you least expect it. You can’t just throw your hands up in the air and yell for answers (or you can - and look like an absolute idiot while doing so when your neighbors are being interrupted by your cry to the sky and think, get your shit together, mate). What should you wish for, then? People and items will not bring you happiness, that’s for sure. Not a new outfit, holiday or a night out with your girlfriends; only for short-term.

Western societies have this fixated idea about change being something negative. When someone or something has changed from what it used to be, it’s frowned upon, people will complain about it and it makes them feel uneasy. Think about it, did you not feel upset when you realised Susan wasn’t like the person she used to be? Your selfishness thought you lost a friend, but here’s an idea for you to digest: what the hell are you doing, if you are not constantly changing? People come and go. We are designed to change as the years go on, from a newborn to a toddler, to a child to slowly an adult. Somewhere along the way you start attracting different statuses and attributes that soon become your identity. Student, lawyer, mum. Alcoholic, dancer, extrovert. But underneath all of that, who are you? What are you? You are not who you were a year ago, ten years ago. Therefore, you are under no obligation to be what you were five minutes ago. When someone says to me, with a negative emotion attached to their words, you have changed, I say; I’d hope so. We are meant to evolve, grow in knowledge and old in our bodies. It is a weird concept to think that we would be meant to have only one way of living, when there are so many opportunities, people and places that can disrupt your original plan. If this happens, what are you meant to do? Let them go in and weep in silence? Never! This is a slap in your face from the universe to start changing your habits and make it work. People meet their soulmates overseas all the time, they find the perfect job in a town miles away from their families, or they wish to stay and live in the country they happen to be visiting for whatever reason. Giving up everything and taking the leap is often considered reckless and delusional. Oh, silly girl. But little do these people know, that while they themselves spend their years stuck in the same circle filled with regrets, Susan is out there fulfilling her dreams and desires and making them true. She may not be who she was before she left, but she is everything she needs to be in this time and place. She is the hero who is cheered for in silence, behind closed doors, the one who’s name was never on the newspaper or local media, because she does not need to be praised by anyone else but herself. She owes nothing to you or the world — only that she lives her life to the fullest every given moment and does not look back. The girl who got some change, and a lot of it.

The point of this story is to make you realise the potential you have. Those dreams and hopes you have for the world — they are real, and they are there for you to go and get. Before you allow the new fresh opportunities to flow in to your life, you will be blocking all good things that could happen to you if you deny your need to change. Change is always good. As long as you are open to change, nothing is impossible. How about instead of focusing on the negative things and stress you have in your everyday life, we appreciate how lucky we are to be living out here with all of these beautiful ideas in our heads. Know your worth and when something does not feel good anymore, get rid of it. This goes for people, thoughts, items, and places. This is not a motivational speech, this is your wake-up call.

As I write this, I have been homeless in a different country for a full month, fallen hopelessly in love and got nothing but excitement for what is to come. I definitely was not in this position a year ago, but I am not looking back. I’m ready for a change, and my heart and my soul are open to whatever it might be; I don’t totally know where I am going, but that’s never stopped me before.


This beautiful piece was written by my beautiful friend and soul sister Alisa. Hopefully her wise words can inspire you for the next 12 months we have ahead of us. 

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