Guest Post: Live Like You Give a F*ck

Today is a special day, because today it's time for the first ever guest post seen on my blog. Believe me that you want to keep reading, because it's a good one. 

Earlier this year I had a strong bonding moment with a beautiful young lady called Alisa. I was staying a whole week by myself in Auckland and she invited me, a stranger, to sleep in her home. Such a beautiful gesture, which already tells a lot about what kind of person Alisa is. 

During that week we really got to know each other and it didn't take long until we realised that we must be soul sisters. It felt like I had known Alisa for my whole life. It's so wonderful to spend time with someone who totally gets you. Maybe it's because we're both wandering souls. You see, we're both from Finland, yet we meet on the other side of the world in New Zealand because we both have always had a longing of being somewhere else.

So who is Alisa? To make it quick. She's a super woman. Always buzzing of energy and radiating positivity. She's follows her dreams and makes shit happen. 


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Instagram: @leallie



Last night I found myself sitting in a truck at a beach discussing the meanings behind life, with a person who has recently come into my life; someone who slowly made his way to pull me out of my bubble and has caused a massive shitstorm by opening this gateway of possibilities that danced around in my head. However, this is not a story that. But it got me thinking.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m that person who always does their own thing. And I mean literally - I’m someone who wakes up at three in the morning every single day just because I enjoy that. Because it fills me up, it gives me energy and empowers me. What a fucking weirdo, right?

Too many times I’ve found myself feeling too small, suffocated and worthless because I’ve followed someone else’s ways of doing, and then realised that holy moly, this soul is way too big to fit into a mould made by another person. Statistics show most people don’t even realise this is happening in their lives.

And it all comes down to my old mate, intuition. Now, I’m all about this little word - not because I want to practice what I preach but also because it is really freaking cool. What is intuition? Well, it’s that little ball of buzzing energy you can sometimes feel in your stomach, in your guts, that feeling that makes you feel a little funny, like you need to do something but you’re not sure what. However, to experience this phenomenon you need to be extremely tuned into your body and be able to really pick up on the right signals it’s giving you or otherwise you will just mistake it for your body craving for nutrients - in this case, go get some food, you’re just hungry.

Intuition is different for everyone, it is a need to do something that gives you a kick, scares you, and grows you at the same time. During the conversation last night I was explaining how I feel it: my heart rate goes up, I get extremely distracted from everything else and I will get a strong physical reaction if I do not follow whatever it may be telling me at the time. One time this meant leaving the country with a week’s notice. Another time I lent a big amount of money to someone, which almost instantly hit me negatively, and still, months later I’m struggling because of having high hopes of getting that money back - yet, right now my intuition is strongly suggesting that this will not happen. But at the time it was the right thing to do for not only to help someone out, but to give myself a piece from this bugging feeling in my guts that I couldn’t shake. And hey, I did that.


Are we still following what I’m saying? I’m saying, find what fills you up. Your brain has nothing to do with this. Our brains try to reason with us; I can’t, I shouldn’t, I must not. Eff that! My absolutely favourite thing in the whole world is to see someone speak about something that they’re passionate about, seeing their eyes light up, body language change, and having the words just flow out of their mouths. There’s no thinking in that. That’s you recognising whatever your guts are telling you. I often watch this happen very carefully, and after it’s done they might pull back to their shells. This is when I try to acknowledge how beautiful it was to see that passion and I thank them. Keeps me on the right track I guess.

So last night’s conversation revolved mostly around this topic. Living your truth. Living like you give a fuck. I ended up preaching about intuition, trying to break down what it truly was and how to follow it - little did my companion know that the reason for me to be sitting there in the first place was all thanks to intuition. Take a leap. Instead of going home after a long day, keep driving. Sleep under the stairs, get drunk in a cave, explore lighthouses at night. Fit festivals, work, sunset skates and night markets into one day. Let loose, let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and just keep dancing, and don’t let anyone interrupt you and your journey. Because you know what? It is not for them.