How To Shop Second Hand (Like A Pro)


I’m sharing a few easy tips to keep in mind next time you decide to give second hand shopping a go.

  • Don’t buy things that are broken or look like they might fall apart any second. This rule doesn’t apply if you’re a crafty person.

  • Look for classics and basics pieces - this means pieces that will always stay in style. This way you’ll keep wearing the clothes longer.

  • Browse colours and patterns that you’re drawn to. When something catches your eye take a closer look. This way you save a lot of time when browsing.

  • The pj’s section sometimes has the best pants. I’ve found many favourites here and no one would ever guess they are pyjama pants.

  • Forget about the traditional sizing - something that says S or L might fit you in a completely different way that it usually would.

  • Look for high quality materials. I usually opt for pieces that are pure cotton or linnen.

  • Keep an eye out for brands. You can find some real bargains. I found an ACNE t-shrit the other week just under 20 euros, when the original price is easily over 100 euros.

  • You can also look for statement pieces here. No one (or very unlikely) is going to have the exat piece of clothing if you buy it second hand.

  • Walk into the store with an open mind. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but you might find something else you’ll love instead.

  • Don’t forget to check out shoes, bag and accessories. You’ll be surprised what hidden gems lay in these sections.

+ Is the smell keeping you off second hand shopping? My tip is to let the clothes air out in the fresh air or spray them in vinegar before letting them air dry in the fresh air. And of course give them a good wash in the washing machine.