Kinder Shopping

I've recently become very passionated about the topic ethical fashion. It all started with me listening to a podcast where they spoke about the darker side of fast fashion - both from an environmental and ethical point of view. I've turned a blind side to what goes on in the world of fast fashion for a very long time, but now I've had enough. I don't want to trash this world with more clothes that I will only wear a couple of times before I get rid of it. I also don't want anyone to suffer just so I can wear cheap clothes. I want to start putting my money where my heart is. 


Now I know it's hard to be perfect when it comes to this subject. The temptation is always there and fast fashion is so easily available. Saying no to fast fashion can a challenge an I'm totally up for that challenge. I'll do my best when it comes to not shopping at big fast fashion brands. How? I'll try buy more second hand and support smaller brands that do the right thing. 

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to ethical fashion, but I'm so excited to learn more about this matter. There are so many brands and companies out there at the moment doing the right thing and I think it's their time to shine. 

In this post I'll be sharing three ethical brands that I've fallen in love with. I hope to do more of these posts as I learn and discover. Welcome along on this new and exciting journey! Let's learn about and discover the world of ethical fashion together.


First up we have the Byron Bay based Australian brand ROWIE The Label. This beautiful clothing brand was founded by Rowie Moore. The brand started with Moore selling her clothes at local markets around the North Coast of New South Wales and from there the brand has since expanded. 

What's so amazing about ROWIE is that they focus on a small-scale production to reduce the environmental impact and to ensure that their workers are fairly treated and not overworked. On the brands website they have stated that they have a close relationship with suppliers and that they regularly meet to discuss fair pay and working conditions. The factory ROWIE works with is small and family own and they have built a very strong relationship with this family during 8 years of working together.

I recently purchased this simple white cotton top, shop it here. I fell in love with the fray detail around the neck and down at the bottom. I think it will make a perfect staple in my closet - I can easily use it as an every day top as well as when I feel like dressing up for a night out. 

Shop Rowie The Label Online here


I stumbled across the brand Crystal Of A Kind on Facebook in some vegan group. This is another beautiful Australian brand founded by the Sydneysider couple  Jane and Giles. This couple has a common interest in crystals and mineras and that was how it all started - creating their own jewellery and home decor using crystals they have found from all around the world.  Jane later started to create fashion and home decor using eco friendly and sustainable materials like cork - this is how her line By The Sea Collection was born. 

I fell in love with Jane's stunning cork designs when I laid my eyes on them and I knew I had to support her in some way. As I was looking for a new laptop case and my wallet was getting old I thought this was the perfect time to change for something better. I picked out the very basic Iggy Zipper Cork Wallet and the Annie Cork Laptop Bag and I love them both! 

Shop Crystal Of a kind online here


Now let's move away from Australia and go all the way to Denmark. Let me introduce you to the Danish rainwear brand Rains. I love how transparent they are about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G on their website. I can highly recommend you guys go have a read if you are interested. 

I discovered Rains as I was looking for a rain jacket that would keep my dry in any weather. A rain jacket comes in very useful now that I live in Malmö and bike everywhere. I'm so happy that I stumbled across Rains and that I get to support a Nordic brand with amazing designs and that has the heart in the right place. I didn't realise that I'd been seeing rain jackets by Rains all around the streets before, turns out they are very popular here in Sweden. I picked out the classic black rain jacket. Shop it here. I think this classic piece will follow me around for quite a long time. I'm also dreaming about one of their stylish back packs like this one made out of the same material as the rain jackets. 

Shop Rains Online Here


The greatest thing about shopping kinder is that you feel happy knowing you're doing the right thing. It's also a great feeling knowing that you are buying something with higher quality and that will last you way longer than anything you will find in the fast fashion stores. Vote with your dollars my friend, because I do believe we can make a change.