Kitchen Stories with Anina from @aniahimsa

In today’s Kitchen Stories we’ll find ourselves in Switzerland. This is where the sweet soul Anina lives. You can find all of her social media links at the very end of this post.

I started following  Anina on Instagram when I got more int ethical fashion and I highly recommend you give her a follow if you’re interested in this topic too. She posts a lot of inspiring content about this topic.

Anina also creates beautiful vegan food and that’s what we’ll  be talking abut today. Now it’s time for Anina’s kitchen stories.


Hi Anina, tell us a little biT about yourself.

I’m a 23 year old student from Zurich, Switzerland. I’m studying Multimedia Production. In my free time I also work as a journalist. I’ve always loved to write so I’ve started my career as a writer for newspapers and magazines at the age of 17. But what I love the most is to write about vegan food, fair fashion and sustainability. That’s why I started with Aniahimsa 2 years ago.

You have a vibrant and beautiful Instagram where you post the most the most delicious looking vegan food. When and how did get into cooking? How about plant based foods?

I’ve always loved to cook. My dad is a really passionate cook as well and as a kid I had to know everything about his recipes. Until now we love to spend some time in the kitchen together, although our idea of cooking is very different. He loves meat and I decided to become vegetarian at the age of 3, so you can see what I mean by saying 'different'. I went completely vegan about 1,5 years ago. It took me a while to go there, I started to eliminate all the dairy products step by step. It’s been the best decision ever!


Name three must haves in your kitchen.

Coconut milk, fresh herbs und some frozen bananas.

Pick one: breakfast, lunch or dinner? Why?

Dinner! If you’re scrolling through my feed you would probably say it’s breakfast but the truth is that I’m really the dinner person. I love to cook right after coming home, it’s so relaxing. Also, I don’t eat heavy meals at lunch, it makes me feel to tired.

Would you like to share your favourite dinner recipe?

Sure! I love buddha bowls. Get the recipe here.


What would your perfect food day look like?

Really simple. Green smoothie for breakfast (and a rice milk latte, that’s a must), followed by a big bowl of salad and raw veggies for lunch with some hummus or guacamole, and for dinner a green Thai curry with black rice. Ok, and some bliss balls for in between (I always have some in the fridge).

You live in Zurich, Switzerland. Do you have any places, shops, cafes in your local area that you would like your foodie friends to know about?

I really love the restaurant Hiltl, it’s been the first vegetarian/vegan place in town. They offer the best buffet. I also love to go to Roots which is completely vegan, you can have the best juices there.

We all have a sweet tooth, don’t we? What do you prefer to have when you’re in need of a sweet kick? 

Usually I just go for some dates or fresh fruits but I also love homemade banana bread or bliss balls.

You also share some of your travels on your social media channels (Instagram and Youtube) and it all looks like a dream! How do you stay healthy and eat vegan when you travel all around the world?

Good question! You should see my bag there, haha. I always make sure to take with me some date and nut bars because I know that it can be tricky as a vegan. Especially this summer it wasn’t easy to find some good food options. Luckily the fruits (especially bananas) were super tasty and ripe in Sulawesi, Indonesia. But my tip would be: Always ask for vegan options. Learn some phrases in their language - especially the words 'no meat, no fish, no dairy'. That really helps! To stay healthy I also make sure to move every single day, even during the travels. It just makes you feel so much better!


You’re such an inspiring foodie and woman. Where do you get your own inspiration from? Any other foodies or bloggers out there that inspire you?

Oh, thank you! It would take me ages to write down all the names. I want to mention Anett from @anettvelsberg - I really love her recipes. Her food styling is very light and bright. But on the other hand I also admire Kati from @blackwhitevivid - her style is darker, very moody. I just can’t decide. Furthermore there are so many lovely souls that have become friends in real life too. For example Annelina from @foodwithoutregrets - she is such a sweetheart. As you can see, it’s hard to choose only one. And it’s not only the big accounts which inspire me. Mostly my followers write the most thoughtful comments or they come up with such great ideas for new posts, etc. That’s what I love about this community.


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