Kitchen Stories with Malin from @goodeatings

Today we find ourselves out on the beautiful country side somewhere in Skåne which is located in the very south of Sweden. Why are we here? Well, because the very talented and sweet Malin from Good Eatings is about to share her kitchen story with us.

Yes, I'm finally back with some new Kitchen Stories after what feels like a very long break. Stay tuned for some very inspiring ones! I'm happy to start this round with Malin's story, because she's someone I personally get inspired by every singel time she posts something on Instagram.

Malin creates wholesome vegan recipes and she seems to capture them perfectly every time. Her photos always feel very warm and at home and they also give me a buzz of happiness. If you haven't heard about Malin before I highly recommend you pop over to her Instagram, blog or Youtube channel. You can find all of her links at the end of this interview. I guarantee you are going to fall in love with what she does. 

Now let's give the word over to Malin. 


Hi Malin, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well hello, thanks for having me! I'm a vegan food blogger and Youtube video creator. A lot of my followers know me as living in London, but I grew up in Sweden where I live now in the countryside. I live here with my partner Rob who's my rock and a great videographer helping me with all things technical and filming. We dream of getting a dog and are growing our gardening skills as we speak one drop of sweat at a time. Another exciting thing I'm doing at the moment is studying to become a nutrition advisor and health coach. I'm really enjoying being back in the role of a student and I'm learning so much already. By the Summer next year I'll be able to help people more in practice to find better health and hopefully be able to advocate plant based eating with more knowledge and finesse.

You create the most delicious looking vegan recipes that you share with us all on your different platforms. When and how did get into cooking? How about plant based foods?

I actually got into cooking a little bit before going vegan after having to quit my professional dance studies after an injury. Really I guess I just channeled my energy into what I loved the most after dancing which is food. After a bout of digestive issues and a lot of humbling learning about veganism and animal cruelty initiated by Rob I decided to go vegan and it opened up so much for me in terms of cooking. There are so many lovely people on social media passionate about plant based vegan cooking and I loved browsing the internet for inspiration as I cooked up a storm in our kitchen. After a while I decided I enjoyed this new way of eating and living so much that I became one of those passionate people sharing all about it on the internet.


Name three must haves in your kitchen.

Fresh produce, nutritional yeast and loving energy.

Pick one: breakfast, lunch or dinner? Why?

Why you gotta make it so hard? Haha! I guess if I have to choose it would be breakfast as it gets me excited to get up and running in the mornings. It is also the meal that has become even more yummy since I went vegan and learnt that oats is not just a grey gloopy mess in a bowl but can be a taste sensation if you use your imagination. One could say my breakfast came to life after going vegan.


Would you like to share your favourite breakfast recipe?

Why yes, of course! In the Autumn which we are heading into with big steps here at the moment I love to make my turmeric oatmeal and top it with whatever is in season which would be plums, apples and pears at the moment. I also thaw berries to pop on there and always include some flax seed and usually pumpkin seeds too.

goodeatings-for-ida-ginman-27 (1).jpg

What would your perfect food day look like?

Full of colour and excitement. Starting the day at home with a generous brunch spread with gluten free toast and spreads, and almond butter (!), fresh fruit, smoothies and granola bowls with homemade coconut yoghurt and berries. This would be followed by a lunch out and about somewhere, maybe the fantastic bibimbap at Korean/Mexican fusion joint Scania Bar in Malmö. Maybe some vegan salted caramel ice cream in the afternoon. For dinner it would have to be a rice bowl with marinated baked tofu, all the veggies and quick pickles and my carrot kimchi which you can find the recipe for right here


Do you have any places, shops, cafes in your local area that you would like your foodie friends to know about?

Well I think my area would be rather obscure to most readers as I'm literally in the sticks but there's a lovely farm called Vidablick just outside Hörby, which is not technically where I live but close enough, that grows organic produce and the best damn sweet corn I've ever tasted. In the late Summer/early Autumn you can pick your own cobs there and it is divine, I made a video about it here. They also grow tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, onion and sunflowers all worth a trip. Other than that in Skåne I really enjoy lunch and raw treats at Cashew Vegan Kitchen in Lund and the already mentioned bibimbap at Scania Bar in Malmö

We all have a sweet tooth, don’t we? What do you prefer to have when you’re in need of a sweet kick? Feel free to share a recipe with us as well.

That's a another tough one for someone who loves almost everything. I usually keep it very simple though and just eat fruit, dates or chocolate because I'm sometimes too lazy to bake. Two treats from the blog I would never say no to though are the decadent triple nut brownies and the stewed apple crisp pots. Both rather easy and classic but fantastically yummy!


You’re lucky to live in the beautiful country side and have a dream of a veggie garden. What is the best thing about this lifestyle?

The best thing about being out here is the proximity to fresh air and nature, something that is a total contrast to living in London. It's also beautiful to have a garden like you mention and seeing things grow which you've planted yourself. I feel closer to natural cycles and seasons out here, I'm very grateful for that.

You’re such an inspiring foodie and woman. Where do you get your own inspiration from? Any other foodies or bloggers out there that inspire you?

Thank you Ida, that's very kind of you to say. I get my inspiration from nature and the season, from travelling and from staying in touch with the online community. Some bloggers I love include The First Mess, Shisodelicious, Faring Well and My New Roots. I could go on with this list forever though, but those four bring my daily inspiration.


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