Let Me Tell You About a Place Called Jord


I remember sitting on Hannah's couch a few months back sipping on tea and eating her homemade raw balls. She told me about how she was planning on opening a cafe with a friend and how it was her life long dream. Nothing was set in stone yet, but I could feel that magic was in the air. 

In January 2018 Hannah's dream finally came true when Jord - frukost, fik & butik opened it's doors.  Me and a few other friends were there on day one to show our support and enjoy a delicious breakfast. It's truly such a special moment when you can see someone you know turn their dreams into reality. 

The space is just gorgeous. Lots of natural light runs in through the big windows. The interior is a lovely mix of minimalism and boheme with a touch of coziness. You'll find cute little details wherever you look. 

At Jord  you can enjoy breakfast all day long. This concept suits me perfectly as breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and having it all day sounds incredible. The menu is all vegan and let me tell you it's a good one. Of course there's also plenty of cakes for fika as we're in Sweden the homeland of fika. The best part? Your perfectly brewed coffee always comes with oat milk. Yay!

Another thing that makes Jord so special is there's a little shop corner where you can buy beautiful local crafts. I wish my wallet was a bit bigger so that I could buy all the ceramic goodies. 

A huge congratulations to Hannah and Elin for making their dreams happen!



Falsterbogatan 1

211 58 Malmö


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