My Favourite Australian Natural & Vegan Beauty Products

I was recently contacted by Biome if I wanted to work with them. I couldn't say know as I love everything that Biome stands for. What on earth is Biome you might be thinking? Well let me tell you. Biome is an Australian all eco friendly shop. They sell everything that you could possibly need to live a greener life. You can easily shop all of their products online or if you're lucky enough to live in Brisbane you can simply pop in to one of their stores.

I was browsing through Biome's online store for literally hours. Dreaming of all of the products. One thing that I really fell for was the variety of natural and cruelty free beauty products. Many of them are also Australian brands which is amazing as I think it's important to support local brands.

I was kindly sent a box of goodies to try out and I really want to share all of these products with you. It's now 2017 and I think we all owe it to ourselves and this planet to switch to more sustainable and kind beauty products. Here's a few that might make the switch a little bit easier for you. 

All of the products below are natural, cruelty free and vegan. 


Ink. Activated Charcoal Face + Body Scrub

I love body scrubs like some people love designer hand bags. They are a passion of mine. But can you argue? Who doesn't want to smell good and get baby smooth skin? That's what body scrub does.

Ink. is a Melbourne based brand and it definitely keeps up with the top Melbourne standards. The simple, but stylish packaging was already a big plus from me. The body scrub itself is all black and packed with goodness. Besides the charcoal it has got coconut oil, sweet almond oil, clay and vitamin E in it. All natural of course. 

So basically how it works. I scrub my whole body (face as well) with the body scrub whilst I'm in the shower. I like to think I'm doing some kind of healing art on my body with the black scrub. Once I'm covered in it I wash it all of. It leaves my skin so smooth and soft. I just want to keep touching my face afterwards as I can't believe it feels that good. Oh and did I mention it smells absolutely divine too? It's thanks to some added lime. 

Buy Ink. here. 


Sienna Byron Bay Nail Polish

When I saw that there was a natural and cruelty free nail polish made by a company in Byron Bay I wanted to dance a happy dance. Byron Bay is one of my favourite places on this earth and I want to support the community. I was also happy to find out that all of the product is actually made in Australia. How incredible is that?

Sienna has a huge range of colours to choose from. I had trouble picking just one. The one I got in the end is called Promise. I feel like it's a classic colour that will work both in Summer and Winter. 

So what do I think? Well firstly, the nail polish bottle itself is beautiful. I love the wooden cap and the golden details. Also the nail polish itself feels very high quality. I could never believe it's actually made of all natural products as it works so smoothly as I'm applying it to my nails. It does have that smell that nail polishes usually have (I believe it's the alcohol), but not as strong so this product won't give you and the people near you a head ace. 

Buy Promise by Sienna Byron Bay here.


Sea Spray by Noosa Basics

Nosa Basics is a family run business and they make everything in small batches up in the Queensland town Noosa. The more I read about this company the more I fell in love with them. They stand behind the right message and create some really beautiful beauty products. Everything from deodorant to intimacy oil. 

I picked up the Sea Spray (hair spray) for natural waves. Can I just start by saying that the spray itself smells heavenly. Like I want to spray it all over my body, not just my hair. I think it must be the mixture of grape fruit and coconut.

What does the product do? Well basically it gives you beach hair whenever you don't have time to go to the beach. In my opinion beach hair is the best kind of hair. This magic is all thanks to a bunch of amazing ingredients like blue green algae, argan oil, water and salts. 

All in all I now want to try all of Nosa Basic's other products. I've found the brand for me.

Buy Sea Spray by Noosa Organics here.


Lipstick by Neek skin Organics

I love the story about the Neek Skin Organics. The founder Angelique's nickname growing up was Neek and she ended up creating this natural and cruelty free beauty range as she was very sensitive to the toxic beauty products out there. I can only say thank Angelique you for making the effort. 

I've always wanted to get better at using lipsticks and I think this might be my chance. I picked out this gorgeous pink colour which I think goes perfectly in an everyday look - it's called Sunsets. It's such a happy colour on my lips. I will be wearing this whenever I want to feel a little bit prettier than usual. 

I love the fact that this lipstick gets its colour from natural pigments and that it has things like jojoba oil and shea butter that will makes the lips nice and smooth for kissing (wink wink). Another thing worth mentioning is the wooden packaging the lipstick is in. Like how cool isn't it? I think all make up should come in wooden packaging. This is the future way my friends. 

Buy Sunsets by Neek Skin Organics here.



Mascara by Ere Perez

I had heard about Ere Perez before, but somehow I never managed to get my hands on them. I was happy to find a wide range of them in the Biome shop. Ere Perez really has everything you can think of make up wise. I thought it would be fun to try out the mascara, as it's one of the few make up products I use daily. 

So, this is the black mascara with almond oil. It's a great mascara if you're after a natural look - which is me. I don't like when the mascara takes over. I'm also curious to use this mascara little longer to see how it works as it apparently strengthens and lengthens the lashes thanks to the vitamins and oils found in it.

This is beauty at it's best as it gives you results and nourishes your body. 

Buy Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara here. 


Let me know what your favourite natural beauty products are. Also for my fellow Aussies - keep an eye out for an exciting giveaway that will be happening on my Instagram next week.