My Optimum Blender Review

It's finally time for my full and honest review on the Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender that has been featured on this blog during the past months.

How did my Optimum blender story begin? Well, I had just moved back home to Finland from my adventures abroad in Australia and I was looking to finally invest in a good blender. I was doing a whole lot of research online and I stumbled across Froothie Finland who resells powerful Optimum blenders in Finland. You can also find Froothie in other countries around the globe, so if you're not from Finland you can still get your hands on of these blenders! I was stunned with the reviews and with the quality of the blenders Froothie sells and I sat down straight away to write an email to the Froothie Finland team. They soon got back to me and were more than happy to work together. A food blogger's dream was about to begin. 

The Optimum blenders are originally from Australia. A country that holds a special place in my heart now and always. Optimum doesn't only make blenders, but also all sorts of amazing kitchen appliances. I can't wait to explore what more they have to offer. Check out their own website here for some inspiration. 


Oh well, let's continue on that food blogger's dream, shall we? In mid July, that now feels like forever ago, I got a big box delivered in the mail. Inside the box I was happy to find a very sleek and modern blender - the Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender to be more exact. That was just before I left for my 10 day holiday in Italy and I had to leave my new friend behind. Back home I got to use the blender for a good week and a half, but then I had to move house and country so the blender got packed down again and shipped all the way to my new home in Sweden. Here we are again joined and we have been working together for almost a whole month now.  

It's been quite the journey, but I'm happy to say I feel at home and I'm happy to have a trustworthy friend to always help me out in the kitchen. 

Now let's get this review fully started. This is what I received when I opened the box with the Optimum G2.1 blender:

  • a stylish and minimalistic base with a touch LED screen

  • a 2 l jug with stainless steal blades and a

  • a heavy duty tamper

  • a nut milk bag

  • a recipe booklet filled with delicious recipes


Now you know the basics, but what exactly is the Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender capable of? It does come with a fancy name for sure and I personally do think it deserves its long name.

This Optimum blender base comes in three different colours. Mine is the sexy silver. You can also get it in red or black.

The blender has a very powerful motor (2,835 Watt) and it also has six specially designed blades made out of stainless steal. I believe these two components are the secret to why this blender is capable of so many things that your 'normal' blender couldn't do. You can make everything from your own nut butters to banana ice cream without having to stress about the blender giving up on you. 

I'm sure many of us have struggled with blenders before. They overheat and they break because we put things in them they simply can't blend. These poor blenders just aren't strong enough. This is why I seriously recommend investing in a good and powerful blender. It will change your life! Firstly it will make blending and cooking so much fun. And secondly it will last you a lifetime (or at least a very long time). This blender that I'm reviewing has a 10 year warranty on the motor and 5 years for the other parts. I think that already says something about how much higher the quality of this blender is than many other ones that are currently out on the market. Pay a little more now, because it will pay itself back in the long run. 

If you're interested in investing in this specific blender yourself I've got a discount code for 20 euros off. Follow the link here and add IDA-OPTIMUM-20 at the checkout.

How does it work? The blender has six pre set programs that you can use depending on what you will be making. You can easily navigate between them on the LED touch screen. The programs you can choose between are fruit, sorbet, grind, nut milk, soup and sauce. '

One cool feature is that the blender can actually heat up your soup as you're making it! I'm yet to try this feature myself, but stay tuned for a recipe once the weather gets a bit cooler. There's also a pulse function which is a great option to use besides the pre sets. You can also play with the speed and time yourself. I feel like this blender is very simple to use once you've tried it out a couple of times. You simply choose the setting for what you want to make, press start and then sit back and watch the blender work its magic.

A little fun note: I was chocked how powerful the blender was the first time I tried it. I had to press stop a couple of times because I almost got scared of it. If you haven't used a powerful blender like this one before you'll probably be as chocked as me. Chocked in a good way, of course!


The jug itself is massive! It fits 2 liters as I mentioned earlier in this post. I should probably also mention that the jug is made out of BPA free plastic, Eastman Tritan Copolyester if you want the exact facts. This means it won't break as easily as some glass blender jugs out on the market. What I love about this jug is the steady handle and that the lid fits perfectly and makes the blender very safe to use. It's also very good looking, don't you agree?

I read in a few reviews before that they found it hard to make small batches in such a big jug. I personally haven't had this problem. As long as you use the tamper to push down from the sides and make sure you add enough liquid you'll be fine. Of course it's amazing to be able to make big batches as well! To me this size has been perfect and by saying this I'm always cooking for just one person. 

Two things that I want to point out:

  • The only minor thing I found a little hard with the jug was that it's hard to clean the blades properly after blending things such as bliss balls with dried fruit. In this case highly recommend soaking the inside of the jug for a while before washing.

  • I'd recommend using a spatular when it comes to getting everything out of the jug. For me a plastic baking spatular has really been a life saver. I don't want to scrape things out with a metallic spoon or tool, as I'm scared of scratching the blades by doing so.

All in all I can't prise this blender enough. I'm not paid to say this. I could have chosen to send it back after my trial, but we are best friends now. This blender truly does a great job! Sorry not just great - an amazing job! It makes everything I blend smoother than smooth. The difference is huge if you've only used a not so good before. In my opinion the Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender really makes the possibilities in the kitchen endless. 

Now you might be wondering what exactly I've made in this blender so far?  I've made things such as raw cakes, iced drinks, smoothies, banana ice cream, cashew cream, nut milk, raw porridge, dips, sauces and more. Everything that I've tried to make in this blender has worked out better than I could have imagined. It feels like I'm getting so much more creative in the kitchen now. You can find some of the recipes that I've made with the blender here:

Pink Dream Pomegranate Smoothie

Blueberry Pie Raw Cake

Green Goodness Dressing and Bowl

Beetroot Hummus & Mint Hummus

+ Keep in mind that most of my recipes to come will also be made in my Optimum blender.

If you have any questions about the blender don't hesitate to ask. I'm more than happy to help!