One Day in Malmö as a Vegan


I'm so excited to bring you this guide to Malmö in collaboration with Malmö Tourism.  #malmotown

On a not so sunny, but still warm day in May, my friend Andrea visited me here in Malmö. She lives on the other side of the bridge in Copenhagen, but luckily the train over takes no time at all. I had planned out a full day of showing her around in my home town and taking her to all of my favourite vegan food spots in town. It's the best when your friend loves eating out as much as you. Follow us around as we eat our way around Malmö in one day!

I want to point out that all of these places are walking distance from each other if you're up for some nice walks. Otherwise you could sign up for a city bike and bike around. Between meals you can take a nap in one of the parks, do some shopping or perhaps buy flowers at a market?  The options are endless and you'll definitely find some gems as you make your way from one food spot to an other.  Now let's eat!




Hands down the best breakfast in town is served at Jord. This cosy cafe serves breakfast all day long and everything on the menu is plant based. You'll find both sweet and savoury options on the menu and it changes seasonally. We picked the scrambled tofu and a granola bowl. As well as coffees with oat milk. You'll have no problem finding a table here because the places is huge! We sat in the little shop corner which is filled with beautiful crafts made in Malmö. 


Falsterborgsgatan 1 




We felt very satisfied after breakfast, but when our tummies started rumbling again we headed over to Davidshall for a wholesome lunch at Avocado. If you love avocado as much as us you can't miss this place when you're in town. We opted for the avocado toast, because who doesn't want to eat toast with avocado roses? You'll also find some delicious bowls and smoothies here if that's something you'd rather try. Avocado also has some of the nicest staff I've come across in Malmö! So this place is guaranteed to give you some good vibes. 


Holmgatan 4




One can't come to Sweden and not have fika. That would be a crime. My number one place for vegan fika must be at Leve, which is a super cute bakery not far from our lunch spot Avocado. If you're lucky to be in Malmö on a Friday you can't miss out on their vegan doughnuts. We visited Leve on a Saturday so we tried out some other vegan treats instead. We picked a  vanilla cream bun and a lemon meringue tart. Both turned out to be amazing and hit the fika spot. I also want to point out that the bread that is baked here at Leve is to die for. My personal favourite is the porridge sourdough bread, so make sure to grab one for later!


Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6




Soon we were hungry again and that meant dinner time. You'll find a raw vegan restaurant called Rawtastic in a cute court yard. Don't be scared by raw vegan food, because this place does it very well! We ordered a smoothie to share as well as one raw pizza and a snack platter. The vegan pizza was my absolute favourite as the flavours reminded me of Italy in a new and fresh way. The dessert cabinet also looked tempting, but we were to full at this point to eat anything else. 


Brogatan 11




We finished our day at Mineral located in S:t Knut. This trendy restaurant / bar is fully vegan and you could have dinner here as well. As we had already eaten we decided to order a couple of drinks. Malmö made Roots kombucha and a glass of sangria. This sangria turned out to be the most delicious drink I've ever tried and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't drink alcohol. You can enjoy your drinks either inside or outside under the trees as we did. I also want to recommend the cakes at Mineral if you're looking for something sweet, because they are incredible. Next time I'll be ordering sangria and chocolate cake.


S:t Knuts Väg 13


Thank you, or tack as we say in Sweden, for following us around for one day. I hope to see you in Malmö soon!

For more Malmö inspiration make sure to check out Malmö Tourism's Instagram: @malmotown