Plant Based Pop Up Breakfast: Our Messy Brekku

It all started months ago (April/May?) when me and Tara (@brekkubytara) met up for the first time to sit down and talk about doing something together. This 'doing something' grew into an idea and then slowly blossomed into the pop up breakfast that took place in Helsinki the first weekend of July.

The name 'Our Messy Brekku' is a mix of My Messy Eatery and Brekku By Tara. We thought it was a fun way of putting our foodie names together. I also got to design our event a logo of some kind and I threw together this cute inspired by the colours we were going to use in our breakfast foods.

 Let's move on to the most interesting part, which is the food.

This is what the menu and all of the dishes that we had to offer looked like. Everyone got the unicorn toast and then they could choose between a rainbow tapioca pudding or the galaxy raw porridge. 

The food might look and sound a bit crazy, but that is exactly what we wanted. The inspiration behind all these dishes was the growing trend of unicorn and rainbow food on Instagram. We wanted to make this Instagram food dream real life and I think we nailed it pretty well to say it myself. A big part for me was also to show people that vegan food is everything else than boring and I do not think this looks boring to anyone. 

Then suddenly it was time for real action. This is me and super talented Tara posing with some of our foods.

As I mentioned earlier Instagram was a big part of the food and as we're both very active on Instagram we wanted to introduce our guests to an Instagram corner were they could take pretty photos of their breakfast. Some people were brave enough to carry their food over to the corner to take the perfect shot. 

Not only did we serve rainbows and unicorns, we also had a selection of cakes. I can't get over Tara's beautiful banana bread and cherry almond cake. Just stunning! I made a big batch of my raw chocolate donuts and I think they also went down pretty well. 

I'd like to thank everyone who took some time out from their weekend plans to visit our little pop up breakfast. Without your support this would not have been possible at all. I'd also like to thank Cafe Daja for letting us use their kitchen and beautiful space over the weekend. And last but not least I'd also like to thank Makrobios (@makrobios_hyvinvointitukku) for helping us out with some of the ingredients - Pukka tea for non coffee drinkers, cashews and dates for the raw doughnuts and the buckwheat groats for our raw porridge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What did this journey and weekend teach me? Be brave, do your thing and chase your dreams. 

Let's finish off with some of your beautiful #ourmessybrekku snaps.