The Boyfriend's Ethical & Sustainable Closet

I know the majority of you reading my blog are women, but this topic I'll be writing about today just couldn't be mist. I had a friend's boyfriend request it and I thought that it was such a good idea. Basically we know by now that the fast fashion industry is rubbish, both for the workers who make the clothes and the environment. For some reason the focus seems to only be on women's fashion even though half the population on this planet are men. That is why I wanted to write a blogpost about men's ethical fashion. Please share this with the men in your life and make them more aware of the true cost of fashion. Skip the high street stores and turn to smaller brands that do the right thing. 



When it comes to t-shirts I can't recommend a brand called Dedicated Brand enough. They make good quality t-shirts with the funniest, still fashionable, prints. They brand themselves as sustainable streetwear brand. Another good brand for t-shirts is Knowledge Cotton Apparel. A brand that makes good looking basic t-shirts that every guy needs.

Jackets & hoodies

Jackets and hoodies are next on the list. First up Rains who makes stunning rain coats. I have one of their jackets and I love it! Another jacket brand worth checking out is LangerChen who claims they are eco, fair and functional.


When it comes to buying sustainable jeans I highly recommend checking out either Nudie Jeans or Mud Jeans. Both brands are making jeans the right way. For shorts I'd recommend Dedicated Brand (again). 

Undies & Socks

When it comes to undies A-dam has got you covered. These undies are just too good! I love all the funky patterns and colours. I'd also check out Knowledge Cotton Apparel for some basic undies. And for socks I'd turn to Dedicated Brand or VNS Apparel


One can't talk sustainable and ethical fashion without mentioning the sneaker brand Veja. These are the coolest shoes I've seen in a while. If you like the Converse look check out Ethletic for some kinder lookalikes. For some leather lookalikes there's Bourgeois Boheme who makes high quality vegan leather shoes. I have a pari (women's shoes) that I love. 


If you're on the hunt for a new backpack check out Pinqponq. This brand makes very good looking backpacks out of recycled PET bottles. I also love the waterproof bags by Rains who I mentioned earlier. 

Other Ethical Brands & Shops Worth checking out

Bleed Clothing


AMOV Apparel

Thrive Store

Thread Harvest

Brothers We Stand