The Kinder Gift Guide

Christmas is only one month away and many of us might be thinking about what to get our other half or best friend this year. That's why I'm bringing you a little gift guide with some kinder options. Think fair, sustainable and ethical. Think something that will last him or her for a very long time. 

Let's start with some gift ideas for your favourite girl, woman or lady and then we'll take a look at what your special guy might like. And please take these gift ideas as inspiration and feel free to tweak them in any way you like. In the end it's a gift from you to someone you love.


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 17.44.18.png


Let's begin with the easiest gift of all - chocolate. Most girls  out there do like chocolate and when it's wrapped beautifully and made out of quality ingredients there isn't anything better. My recommendation is this beautiful chocolate bar by the Australian brand Bahen & Co. If she doesn't like chocolate get her favourite treat, whatever else that could be.


A good pair of jeans should never be underestimated. By her a classic pair that suits her style. She'll happily wear them for a long time. Check out the amazing UK based brand Mih Jeans that makes sustainable jeans. 

Water Bottle

Help her stay happy and hydrated by getting her a beautiful water bottle. My personal water bottle crush is this pastel pink one by bkr. Oh, and did I mention that she'll also be a part of saving the world by not using any more single use plastic bottles? 

Natural beauty

Every girl is beautiful, but if you want her to feel a little extra pretty get something pampering for her skin. For example the Australian brand Truly Organics has a nourishing super facial oil that's packed with natural oils and it's all vegan too.


Something beautiful for her home? Skandinavisk makes scented candles out of vegetable vax and I think this one would look great on her living room table. 


Lingerie must be a Christmas classic for the girlfriend. If you're going for the classic think about this: instead of buying her something from the fast fashion brand invest in ethical lingerie. The UK brand Luva Huva makes beautiful handmade intimates and I think this cute knicker 2 pack would make any girl smile. 


Finding good quality vegan shoes can be tricky. If your girl want new shoes for Christmas then I'd suggest you check out Bourgeois Boheme and their pinatex range. What's pinatex? Leather made out of pineapples. That's pretty rad. 


Some say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I think plants. Have you seen anything cuter than this air plant? Give your girl friend a buddy that she can keep anywhere in her home without having to worry about pots and things. 

Active wear 

Does your girl like to stay sweat and stay active? Get her some beautiful sports bras and leggings to do her thing in. The Girfriend Collective makes the most gorgeous active wear there is and they make it all the kind way. Santa, can this girl here have all the leggings? 


We all know how much you love to pamper your girl. Head rubs and food massages. But what else could help her relax? Flora Remedia makes beautiful natural elixirs out of essential oils and flower essences. This sleep treatment could be a good pick. 


Still on the relaxing subject. Why not get her some good quality pj's to sleep in? I'd highly recommend checking out Coyuchi and their organic cotton sleep wear. I'm personally loving this organic flannel sleep shirt


Is she the one who's always late? The solution could be to get her a pretty watch that will always keep her on track. The vegan watch brand Time IV Change makes a whole bunch of beautiful watches and I'm sure there's one that will suit her perfectly.



Want the easy way out? He'll always need some good quality boxers and what's better than getting boxers in a box? The Dutch brand A-dam has got you covered with a box that comes with both beer and a pair of organic boxer shorts. 


Keeps his feet warm this Winter. Why not get him socks as yellow as the sun?  Minga Berling makes some other great colours and their organic too. 


Give him a bear hug or a sweatshirt with a bear on it. Absolutely Bear makes ethical clothes and he can for sure feel good about wearing his new jumper all year around. 


Make sure your man is walking comfortably and get him a pair of comfortable yet good looking sneakers. The French brand Veja is one to look up. They make sustainable sneakers and some of them are vegan like this pair.


This is the backpack of my dreams and I'm sure it could be your man's dream bag too. Rains is a Danish brand that make some damn good rain wear and that's what makes this bag so much cooler. Imagine having a backpack that will protect everything no matter what weather. That's some serious backpack goals. 

Coffee cup

Is he a takeaway kinda guy? Help him take the step towards a more conscious life and get him a reusable takeaway coffee cup. It's not only for coffee drinkers, whatever drink he orders down at the local cafe will do. The Australian brand Keep Cups make's the best cups in my opinion. Have a look for yourself here.


Another gift that will help him save the planet is a reusable safety razor. Not only will it give him a good shave, but he doesn't have to keep throwing out plastic shaving instruments that end up in our landfills. Google 'reusable safety rasor' and you'll find a store online that ships to your country. 


Get him a tote bag and fill it with his favourite things. The brand Two Thirds has an awesome tote bag with a wale print on it. By supporting this brand you're helping to bring awareness to our oceans and they need more awareness as they cover two thirds of our planet (did you get it?).


Nothing smells better than him? Well, what if you could add some extra spice to his already perfect smell? The Australian brand One Seed makes some beautiful natural fragrances and they have a range made for men. I'd highly recommend you check it out here and see if there's one that would suit your man. 


We don't use much cash anymore and cards seem to be getting more important. Help him stay organized and take care of his cards by getting him this stylish card holder made in cork made by the Portugese brand Corkor. Oh, and girls love it too (wink, wink). 


A good t-shirt is always a good gift. Dedicated Brand from Sweden makes the coolest ethical t-shirts and you need to check them out. Only problem is you can't pick just one.


Is he the one who never makes it on time? Well lucky Time IV Change makes epic vegan watches and boys can wear them too. Have a look here