The Kinder Gift Guide 2018

This post includes one affiliate link.


Last years Kinder Gift Guide was really popular, so I’m back with another one this year. Consume less and put some thought into the gifts you’re giving. Buy second hand where you can, but also support small businesses and makers that are doing the right thing.

I’ll start from top left and then work my way through the items on the picture clockwise.


beauty by herbs

Frantsila Herb Farm creates beautiful products from their very own herbs grown in Finland. I’m sure one of your loved ones would love some beautiful botanical beauty products like the de-stress tonic from Frantsila’s Garden Triology series.


For our oceans

I’ve stumbled upon the brand Two Thirds who creates sustainable clothes for the whole family with a strong focus on our ocean’s health. The name Two Thirds stands for the fact that two thirds of our planet is covered by the ocean. This t-shirt and this knit are just a few of my favourites.


Environmental friendly and plastic free art

In case you missed I’ve launched my very own print shop under the name Kinder Prints. Why Kinder you may thing? Well, my main focus is sustainability as well as bringing some joy into your life. All of my prints are printed on recycled paper and no plastic is used. Use the code GIFTGUIDE for free shipping and there’s a sale on until the 15th of December.


No more takeaway cups

I stumbled upon Pottery For The Planet last time I stayed in Australia and I’ve been obsessed ever since. These guys make the most beautiful reusable takeaway cups. I love ALL the colours.


Eating for a healthy gut

The very talented Tara Junker and Anna Sarmanto, aka Yummy Productions Hki, recently came out with the most gorgeous cookbook ever. If you have a friend who understands Finnish I can’t recommend the book Syö Hyvä Olo enough. It’s filled with delicious recipes for a healthy gut and the most beautiful food photography.


Fashionable and kind

Lee Coren Bags (affiliate link) is a new favourite of mine. Lee Coren makes gorgeous vegan bags and they describe themself as a a made-to-travel, vegan, ethical, handmade accessories brand based in Israel. I wish for the dusty rose box crossbody bag as well as one of the many cute passport holders.


winter warmer

The galaxy scented candle from the Sugar x Raaka Rå collection is a safe gift. I’ve got this candle myself and I can’t get enough of it. What makes this candle even better is that you’ll end up with a beautiful ceramic cup once the candle has burnt down.


Sleep well

A gift that will last a longe time are I Love Linen cotton or bamboo sheets. Give someone the gift of sleeping is all I’ve got to say on this one.


For the sweet tooth

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and that’s why I had to include some in this gift guide. If you’re looking for the perfect chocolate gift go for Goodio Chocolate. These bars and made in Helsinki and are all raw and vegan. Simply the best.


For the dreamer

Support fellow makers this Christmas! I ordered The Apricot Memoirs by Tess Guinery for myself as an early Christmas gift and I think someone in your life might appreciate it too. It’s a book filled with beautiful poems that any dreamer would love.