Why You Should Say No to Takeaway Cups


One thing that I can't stand is the takeaway coffee cup. 

The takeaway cup might seem innocent, but to be honest it's a pest. I'll tell you why next. 

Where should I start? Well firstly, have you ever thought about what happens to the coffee cup after you use it ONE time for that ONE takeaway coffee you bought? You simply throw it away and it ends up sitting in one of our land fills for longer than the rest of your life. 500 BILLION coffee cups are thrown away each year globally. 500 BILLION. Isn't that crazy? Where are all this coffee cups going to fit in the end? 

Why not just recycle the coffee cups? Well, you might think that the cup you get at the coffee shop is made out of just cardboard. Sadly this isn't the case. The cups are lined with a plastic called polyethylene that helps keep the coffee warm and the cup to hold its shape as liquid is poured into it. This means you can't recycle your cup. 

But I only buy takeaway cups that are biodegradable. Well, these cups aren't going to save the world either. These biodegradable cups have to be commercially composted to biodegrade, so sadly you can't do this in your own backyard compost.

Waste isn't the only problem either. There are other ways the coffee cups are having a very bad impact on our environment. About 4 billion of trees are cut down each year globally only to create these single use cups. Not to mention the large amounts of energy and all the billions of gallons of water that are used annually to make these single use cups. The numbers are scary. 

Now to the good news. You don't have to give up coffee or other drinks on the go in order to save the planet. I have a solution for you! I highly recommend that you get yourself a KeepCup or any other reusable coffee cup. 

I personally love the KeepCups, which are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia - one of the greatest coffee hubs in the world. I came across some amazing facts on the KeepCup website about the positive impact that these cups can have. Read and be amazed:


All numbers and facts in this post where collected from the KeepCup Resque HQ.

I use my KeepCups daily and they have never failed on me. They are a great investment and I love thinking that I'm saving the world one coffee cup at a time. 

If you live in Australia you can easily order your own KeepCup from Biome Store to your door step. Check out the selection here. They have a big selection of sizes and colours. I got my glass KeepCup from Biome Store and if you want the exact same one you can find it here. The takeaway coffees I get taste so good out of it! 

KeepCups are also sold in other parts of the world. Check out KeepCups own website or if you're lucky your favourite coffee shop may sell them as well. Also check if your local coffee shop gives discounts to those who bring their own cup.

I also wanted to be kind and share a recipe with you guys. KeepCups aren't made for only coffee. You can drink any hot drink out of them and you can make these takeaway drinks at home too. One drink that's perfect on the go is my all time favourite matcha latte. It's perfect if you feel like something else than coffee, but still want a bit of an energy kick. Get the recipe below.


The perfect Matcha Latte


250 ml oat milk

1 tsp matcha 

pinch of vanilla powder

1 tsp maple syrup (optional)

  1. Add all of the ingredients into a blender.

  2. Pulse the blender a couple of times, this way everything gets mixed and you create some forth.

  3. Pour the matcha milk into a small pot on the stove.

  4. Stir carefully without ruining the froth.

  5. Once the milk is warm you can pour the drink into cup of choice.

  6. Enjoy at home or on the go!


I hope you like this matcha latte recipe as much as I do. I make this drink almost every day. I tend not to use a sweetener in mine, but if you aren't used to the flavour of matcha it can be a good idea to add in maple syrup or coconut sugar.

Thank you for reading my long ramble about cups and saving the planet. I'd love to hear your thoughts on takeaway cups or anything else that this post brought to your mind.