Zero Waste Travel: Food


I'm bringing you this post together with Biome who has gifted products used in this post. Biome is Australia’s only 100 % palm oil free and cruelty free store who promotes a more conscious and waste free lifestyle. 

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The long journey home from Australia to Scandinavia is behind and my first zero waste travel experience is over. So how did it go? Not perfectly, but I most definitely created a lot less waste than on my previous long haul flights. So what went wrong? Firstly, I didn't get to bring along my self made hand sanitiser or deo (see this post) through the airport security. I wasn't given a good reason for why they weren't okay, but luckily all of my other zero waste toiletries were fine. This means I ended up having to buy a deo at the airport, sigh, but at least I found a natural one. Then I had for picked vegan for my meals on my ticket, I'm clearly not thinking straight. Luckily I didn't get any of my meals on my first flight. This means there was only waste created one the second flight. So yes, clearly not perfect, but I know what to do next time I fly. This little ramble brings me to today's zero waste travel topic which is food. Let me talk you thorugh all the food related items that I brought along for the 24 hours of flying.

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water bottle 

A water bottle is a must on long haul flights. Thanks to my bottle I could say no thank you with a big smile to all of the plastic single use water bottles that the flight attendants were handing out. Just remember to fill your water bottle after the airport security check, because you can't bring more than bottles of 100 ml of liquids on board. Instead look out for refill stations once you've passed the airport security.

reusable ziplock bags

Reusable ziplock bags are a new favourite of mine and great when it comes to bringing snacks on your travels. Try and buy your travel snacks from a bulkfood store if you can! I snacked on pecans, dark chocolate almonds and strawberries and my all time favourite dried pears. I think it was the chocolate that kept me going through out the whole journey. 

bento box

If you are going to bring along food on the plane I would highly recommend getting a bento box that doesn't leak. I filled mine with veggie sticks, chili and lime roasted chickpeas and broccolini that I cooked in coconut oil and tamari (the best combo). I think the key is to bring food that isn't going to be too messy. Next time I'll probably pack a pasta salad of some kind. 

keep cup

I won't travel without a keep cup ever again. I always head to the first Starbucks and order a matcha latte to go in my very own cup. The best part? They give you a small discount at the check out. Keep cups are also great as water cups when you're on the flight, so you can say no thank you to any plastic water cups that are being handed out. 

cotton bags

Reusable cotton bags are a great way to bring fruit with you when travelling. No need for plastic wrapping here. I swear apples have never tasted as good as when eaten out of a cotton bag.

bamboo cutlery

Every meal needs to be pared with a pair of good cutlery. I brought along my cute little bamboo cutlery set. I do want to point out that I didn't bring along the knife as I wasn't sure if the airport security would let me bring it on board. But I managed very well only with a spoon and a fork! I think this set is a great addition to any kind of travelling and can also be used if you order something to eat at the airport and you don't want to use single use cutlery.