About me


photo: Louise Bjerkesjö / Andrea Hjulfors berg

My name is Ida. I’m a 20-something daydreamer who was born and raised in Finland. You can currently find me in Malmö, Sweden. I love good coffee, yoga, making pretty breakfasts and cozy nights at home.

I work as a freelance graphic designer and lettering artist. I’m currently in my second year of a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design at Malmö University. As a designer hand lettering,  typography and custom logos are my favourite things to create. However, I'm not afraid of trying new things. Sustainability is something I'm also very passionated about and I want to highlight this in all the work I do. This is why I would especially love to work with conscious people and brands. My motto is that I want to make this world a little bit better by creating beautiful and conscious design. 


About Kinder Prints

You might have spotted my little web shop corner on this website? Kinder Prints is my little passion project that I’m so happy to bring to you. But why the name Kinder Prints? Well, Kinder Prints were born from the idea that I wanted to create art that's kinder for the earth, but also to the buyer.

All of my prints are printed in small batches on recycled paper in Malmö, then picked up by me and my bicycle. Last but not least the prints get shipped off to you in packaging that is one hundred percent recyclable and plastic free*.

*biodegradable cellophane bags made out of corn or hemp are used.